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Ultralight fishing combos are designed for anglers who prefer using lightweight tackle to target smaller fish species. 

These combos typically consist of an ultralight spinning reel paired with an ultralight spinning rod. 

Combining these two components allows for more sensitivity and finesse when fishing when finesse is key. 

Here’s what you should consider when looking for an ultralight fishing combo:

Rod: Ultralight fishing rods are usually shorter, ranging from 4 to 6 feet long. They are built to be extremely sensitive and flexible to detect even the lightest nibbles from small fish.

 Look for a graphite or carbon fiber rod to keep the weight down while maintaining strength.

Reel: The reel should match the rod in size and weight. Ultralight spinning reels have a smaller spool and handle lighter fishing lines, typically in the 2 to 6-pound range. 

They often have a smooth drag system and multiple ball bearings for a smooth retrieve.

Line: Use a light fishing line of 2 to 6 pounds, depending on the size of fish you’re targeting. 

Light line increases the sensitivity of the setup and allows for better lure presentation. 

Fluorocarbon and monofilament lines are popular choices for ultralight setups.

Lures and Baits: Ultralight combos are best suited for finesse techniques. Consider using small jigs, soft plastics, spinners, and small crankbaits.

 These setups are great for catching panfish, trout, bass, and smaller species.

Target Species: Ultralight combos are ideal for targeting smaller fish species in freshwater environments.

 They might not be suitable for larger or more aggressive species that require heavier tackle for proper control.

13 Best ultralight fishing combos

Here are a few ultralight fishing combos that were well-received:

  1. Daiwa Crossfire LT Spinning Combo
  2. Abu Garcia Revo X Ultralight Spinning Combo
  3. Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo
  4. Lew’s Laser Lite Spinning Combo
  5. Okuma Cascade Spinning Combos
  6.  Zebco 33 Micro Triggerspin Combo
  7.  Penn Battle III Combo
  8. Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Combo
  9. Quantum Optix Spinning Combo
  10.  Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Spinning Combo
  11. Celsius Boiling Point 24″ Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo
  12. Cadence cc5 spinning combo
  13. South bend microlite spinning combo

1. Daiwa Crossfire LT Spinning Combo

Daiwa Crossfire LT Spinning Combo

Bring along the Daiwa LT Combo’s remarkable bite-detection sensitivity and fish-fighting strength on your upcoming fishing expedition. 

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and held to stringent standards, the Crossfire LT travel PMC seamlessly integrates exceptional value and functionality. 

The rod, constructed entirely from graphite, boasts cork handles for a comfortable grip, while the Crossfire LT reel delivers unparalleled smoothness thanks to its 1+1 bearing design. 

The rod is available in 6 feet, 6 feet, 6 inches, and 7 feet. Leveraging Daiwa’s inaugural digitally engineered gear design, this Ultralight fishing combo guarantees flawless synchronization between the ultra-durable drive gear and pinion gears, resulting in optimized speed, power, durability, and seamless operation. 

The innovative LT (Light Tough) technology revolves around four key pillars: being lighter, tougher, offering more drag, and incorporating more bearings.

 With its newly designed compact body and the introduction of Tough Digigear, the LT reels elevate the standards of lightweight and durability in spinning reel design to an entirely new level.

 Take advantage of the opportunity to experience this remarkable blend of innovation and performance during your fishing adventures.

2. Abu Garcia Revo X Ultralight Spinning Combo

Abu Garcia Revo X Ultralight Spinning Combo

Introducing the Abu Garcia Revo X spinning and casting combos, a fusion of classic Abu Garcia features with the added enhancement of custom rod grips by Winn for superior tackiness and an assured hold. 

These combos are the epitome of style and substance and are available in a diverse spectrum of colors designed to cater to every angler’s taste. 

Equipped with Winn’s advanced polymer Dri-Tac grips, these Ultralight fishing combos boast unrivaled comfort and grip. 

The lineup comprises 6 stainless steel HPCR bearings and 1 roller bearing, ensuring smooth operation in every cast and retrieve.

 The Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system guarantees consistent and powerful drag performance.

Designed with an IM-C6 body, the combo’s lightweight graphite rotor contributes to its agility and maneuverability.

 Further enhancing casting distance and control is the Rocket Line Management System and Rocket Spool Lip Design. 

A machined aluminum braid-ready spool enhances durability and versatility.

The Everlast bail system and slow oscillation mechanism are integral components that enhance line management and ensure optimal line lay.

Designed from 24-ton graphite, these combos offer a harmonious blend of sensitivity and strength. 

Stainless steel guides with zirconium-coated inserts add to the overall durability and smoothness of the fishing experience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer, the Abu Garcia Revo X combos deliver performance, style, and innovation in one comprehensive package.

3. Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo

Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo

Experience the excellence of the Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo with its advanced 10 Bearing System featuring stainless steel ball bearings built to withstand corrosion. 

The combo’s Braid Ready Spool offers the convenience of tying the braid directly to the spool, streamlining your setup. 

Designed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Aluminum Handle ensures extreme durability for long-lasting performance. 

The rod, constructed with I-M8 Graphite, embodies high modulus graphite blank construction, providing lightweight sensitivity that enhances your fishing experience. 

Built for durability, the Ultralight fishing rod and reel combo feature Stainless Steel Guides that are both strong and corrosion-resistant, ensuring a reliable guide system. 

The Sealed Drag System boasts sealed drag washers for consistent and reliable performance. 

This Pflueger Presiden Spinning combo delivers smooth and efficient retrieves thanks to the 5.2:1 gear ratio and the 7 bearings.

The rod’s compact length of 4 feet 8 inches further complements its ultralight design, making it an ideal companion for finesse fishing. 

The Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning Combo combines cutting-edge features and precision engineering to elevate your angling pursuits.

4. Lew’s Laser Lite Spinning Combo

Lew's Laser Lite Spinning Combo

Designed with precision, the Speed Spin reel boasts a lightweight skeletal graphite rotor design featuring 4 bearings – 3 ball bearings and a Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing.

 This intelligent design strategically sheds unnecessary weight while maintaining its structural integrity intact. 

The reel’s frame is fashioned from dependable graphite construction, radiating an attractive silver finish. Complementing its aesthetics, the anodized aluminum spool with stylish blue accents adds a touch of sophistication. 

The Laser Lite combo offers a range of ideal ultralight lengths on the rod front. The rod’s IM6 light action graphite blank brings exceptional sensitivity, ensuring castability and performance that truly dominates the fish.

 In this ensemble, precision meets style, delivering a balanced and formidable angling experience.

5. Okuma Cascade Spinning Combos

Okuma Cascade Spinning Combos

Embodying strength and convenience, the Okuma Cascade II spinning combos are defined by their enduring glass fiber rod blank construction. 

These Ultralight combos are designed to endure while ensuring comfort through features like the comfortable EVA fore grips. 

The rear grip showcases a split configuration, blending EVA and cork for a balanced grip. 

The integrated multi-disc front drag washer system underscores its performance-driven design. 

Each model has a 1 ball-bearing drive system, while the reels come pre-spooled with a monofilament line for immediate action. 

In recognition of portability, all Cascade rods consist of 2 pieces, allowing easy transportation without compromising quality.

6. Zebco 33 Micro Triggerspin Combo

Zebco 33 Micro Triggerspin Combo

The 33 Micro Trigger combo is an ingenious fusion of the simplicity of a spin cast reel and the versatility of a spinning reel. 

As a testament to our commitment, each combo includes a top-tier 9-piece tackle kit: featuring a Northland Mimic Minnow swimbait, a Northland Slurpie small fry swimbait, a Northland Whistler Jig, 2 jig heads, and 4 curly-tail grubs. 

This ultralight spinning combo boasts remarkable durability and performance with MicroFine dial-adjustable drag, all-metal gears, and Dual Ceramic Pick-up Pins.

The stainless steel front cover and lightweight graphite frame enhance its enduring build. 

Swift action is facilitated by the QuickSet Anti-Reverse and the choice between right- or left-hand retrieve.

 The ball-bearing system ensures smooth operation. Complemented by a durable fiberglass rod featuring D-Ring guides and a Twist-Lock reel seat, this combo guarantees an exceptional fishing experience. 

The patented no-tangle design adds a touch of innovation, making the 33 Micro Trigger combo a seamless blend of convenience and excellence.

7. Penn Battle III Combo

Penn Battle III Combo

Presenting the enhanced version of the PENN combo that has captured hearts as the most sought-after choice.

 The Battle III reel boasts superior strength, smoother operation, and heightened durability.

 Thanks to our revolutionary CNC Gear Technology, this reel epitomizes endurance. 

The proven HT-100 carbon fiber drag system comes into play for ultimate control amid the battle.

 Accompanied by precision, each reel model is thoughtfully paired with graphite composite blanks and premium cork and EVA handles. 

Our proprietary one-piece stainless steel Dura-Guides address an age-old issue by preventing guide insert pop-outs that often trouble traditional rod guides.

Whether light inshore, surf, nearshore, or heavy offshore applications, the Battle III combos have you covered with a model tailored for every saltwater gamefish pursuit. 

With its 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball-bearing system, Battle III is the ultimate choice for saltwater targets.

8. Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Combo

Shakespeare Micro Series Spinning Combo

The Shakespeare Micro Series combos offer a wealth of premium components, delivering exceptional value to avid ultra-light anglers. 

Featuring a graphite composite rod equipped with ultra-light actions, these combos ensure optimal performance. 

Durability is guaranteed with the incorporation of metal components, ensuring prolonged use and excellent reel functionality. 

Adding to the convenience, each combo comes pre-spooled with a 4 lb Stren line, completing a package that promises a top-tier angling experience.

9. Quantum Optix Spinning Combo

Quantum Optix Spinning Combo

Diverse in size and action, Quantum Optix combos showcase excellence with our performance graphite composite rod equipped with DynaFlow guides. 

The Optix spinning reels present various features, including a robust yet lightweight graphite body, a sturdy brass pinion gear, a TRU-Balance rotor design, and a forged and machined aluminum spool ensuring consistently smooth drag performances. 

Designed for ultimate convenience, the front-adjustable drag enhances your control. The combo’s lightweight composite body and side plate contribute to its agility. 

With the Continuous Anti-Reverse clutch, swift action is guaranteed, complemented by the right- or left-hand retrieval option. 

These reels boast 4 bearings (3 + Clutch), providing a seamless and efficient fishing experience.

 Pairing perfectly with the reel, the graphite composite rod completes the package with finesse and precision.

10. Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Spinning Combo

Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice Spinning Combo

Designed with the ice angler in mind, the Berkley Cherrywood HD Ice spinning combo is your perfect partner for extended ice fishing sessions.

 Engineered to be ultralight, this combo effortlessly supports your endeavors throughout the day. 

Combining a lightweight graphite spinning reel with a robust glass blank, it’s a winning match ready to hit the ice.

 With the added convenience of being pre-spooled, you’re ready to venture out onto the frozen waters.

11. Celsius Boiling Point 24″ Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo

Celsius Boiling Point 24" Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo

The Celsius Boiling Point Ice Fishing combo stands out for its lightweight and compact design. 

It features a tubular glass blank rod with a high-visibility tip and a sturdy, no-flex, no-slip EVA handle. 

The graphite reel has a Dynaflow Striper guide and stainless steel snake guides.

 Designed to fit comfortably within ice fishing shelters, this Ultralight fishing combo offers both convenience and practicality.

Its dimensions are length: 56.895 cm, width: 11.684 cm, height: 2.794 cm.

12. Cadence cc5 spinning combo

Cadence cc5 spinning combo

CC5 spinning combo combines our advanced CS5 spinning reel with a lightweight 24-ton spinning rod available in various sizes and actions, catering to a wide range of fishing scenarios. 

The CS5 reel boasts a carbon frame, ensuring a feather-light feel and extraordinary smoothness, attributed to its 9-bearing construction and carbon fiber drag system.

 The CC5 combo presents an array of rod and reel combinations meticulously tailored to suit the most sought-after fishing techniques and target species. 

This encompasses popular freshwater catches like bass, walleye, trout, and panfish and inshore favorites like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. 

Offering remarkable out-of-the-box performance, the CC5 combo stands as an exceptional value, delivering unparalleled quality at an unmatched price point.

13. South bend microlite spinning combo

Discover the South Bend Microlite Spinning Combo, a perfect fusion of quality components.

Featuring a durable fiberglass rod blank, this Ultralight fishing combo ensures lasting performance.

Equipped with a 2 ball bearing drive and an aluminum spool, the reel guarantees smooth operation.

Chrome guides and a graphite reel seat contribute to the combo’s functionality and style.

Stainless steel cushioned hoods and a comfortable cork handle enhance your angling experience.

The reel boasts a size of 10 with 2 bearings, while the rod spans 5 feet with 2 pieces for easy transportation.

This combo is versatile and ready for action, designed to handle line weights of 2-6 lbs. and lure weights of 1/16 – 1/4 oz.

Ultralight fishing setup

An ultralight fishing setup is a lightweight and sensitive fishing rig that targets smaller fish species using finesse techniques. 

It typically consists of an ultralight spinning reel paired with an ultralight spinning rod. Here’s what you would find in a typical ultralight fishing setup:

Ultralight Spinning Reel: An ultralight spinning reel is designed to be lightweight and compact.

 It usually features a smaller spool, a smooth drag system, and a moderate number of ball bearings for smooth operation. 

The reel’s size is matched to the corresponding ultralight fishing line.

Ultralight Spinning Rod: An ultralight spinning rod is built with a lightweight and flexible graphite or carbon fiber blank.

 It’s shorter, often ranging from 4 to 7 feet, and has a very sensitive tip that can detect even the slightest nibbles.

 This sensitivity is crucial for finesse techniques.

Fishing Line: Ultralight setups typically use thin fishing lines ranging from 2 to 6-pound test. Lighter lines enhance sensitivity and allow for better lure presentation.

 Monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided lines are commonly used.

Lures and Baits: Ultralight setups are ideal for finesse fishing techniques.

 Small lures like jigs, soft plastics, spinners, and small crankbaits are commonly used. These setups excel at catching species like panfish, trout, and smaller bass.

Terminal Tackle: This includes hooks, swivels, and other components required to set up your chosen finesse rig, such as drop shot rigs, Carolina rigs, or split shot rigs.

Accessories: Additional accessories might include a tackle box, pliers, and other tools to aid in baiting, unhooking, and handling fish.

Remember, the specific components and brands you choose will depend on your preferences, the species you’re targeting, and the fishing conditions. 

Always check the local regulations and guidelines for the fishing area you plan to visit.


While ultralight combos are excellent for finesse fishing and targeting smaller species, they are only suitable for some fishing situations. 

Consider a more substantial fishing setup to fish in heavier covers or targets.

Explore the selection of Fishing Senkos offered on our website.

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