Trolling Motors for Saltwater: Superior Fishing Control!

Trolling motors for saltwater use are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater and provide reliable performance in marine environments.

 These motors are commonly used on boats for fishing and maneuvering at low speeds. When choosing a trolling motor for saltwater, there are a few key factors to consider:

Corrosion Resistance: Saltwater can cause significant corrosion over time, so choosing a trolling motor constructed with materials that can resist rust and other forms of corrosion is crucial. 

Trolling Motors for Saltwater

Look for models with components made from stainless steel, aluminum, or other corrosion-resistant materials.

Saltwater-Specific Features: Some trolling motors have features designed specifically for saltwater use, such as sacrificial anodes, which help protect the motor by sacrificing themselves to corrosion. 

These anodes should be regularly inspected and replaced if necessary.

Sealing and Waterproofing: The motor’s electrical components should be well-sealed to prevent saltwater from entering and causing damage.

 Look for trolling motors with good sealing technology and watertight connections.

Power and Thrust: Consider the size of your boat and the conditions you’ll be using the motor. 

Shaft Length: The length of the trolling motor shaft is important to ensure proper depth and performance. 

The shaft should be long enough to sufficiently immerse the propeller in the water, especially if you use the motor in rough waters.

Saltwater-Compatible Propellers: Some trolling motors offer propellers specifically designed for saltwater use. 

These propellers are often made from materials that resist corrosion and are better suited for the demands of saltwater environments.

Digital vs. Analog Controls: Trolling motors have various control options, including digital and analog controls. 

Digital controls may offer more precise adjustments and features like GPS-enabled navigation and spot-lock functions, which can be particularly useful for fishing in saltwater.

Battery Considerations: Trolling motors require a reliable, marine battery source. 

Popular brands that offer trolling motors suitable for saltwater use include Minn Kota, MotorGuide, and Newport Vessels.

 6 Best Trolling motors for saltwater in 2023

Here are some highly regarded best Saltwater trolling motor brands and models that are known for their performance in saltwater environments:

1. Minn Kota

Minn Kota

Experience the pinnacle of saltwater trolling motors with Minn Kota, elevating your upcoming excursion to unprecedented heights. 

Whether you opt for a bow-mount or transom-mount trolling motor, rest assured that a Minn Kota saltwater electric trolling motor will be your steadfast companion, ensuring a remarkable day of fishing like never before. 

Various saltwater trolling motors are available from Minn Kota, a well-known brand. Some popular models include:

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

The Riptide Terrova – your steadfast and unwavering first mate, a companion that knows no rest and is unfamiliar with the concept of taking a break. 

With shaft lengths reaching an impressive 100 inches, the Riptide Terrova fearlessly ventures where other trolling motors hesitate. 

Enter the new QUEST series of dual 24/36-volt brushless trolling motors, meticulously crafted for anglers who demand nothing but excellence from their equipment, even when facing the harshest environments. 

Bolstered by a reinforced motor and mount, an advanced GPS that pushes boundaries, and an eco mode to extend battery life, the Terrova is poised to conquer the elements and embrace larger vessels like never before.

Key Features:
  • QUEST Series Advancement: The all-new QUEST series raises the bar with its dual-voltage 24/36V brushless motors, subjected to a complete overhaul that includes enhancements to mounts, propellers, lift assist systems, drive motors, and software.
  • Effortless Stow/Deploy: Engage the Stow/Deploy Lever on the mount, and watch as fall-away ramps seamlessly lower your trolling motor into the water. 
  • Cutting-edge GPS Trolling System: An unparalleled navigation system for anglers. Terrova harnesses GPS technology to command your trolling motor, offering unmatched features to keep you on target. 
  • LCD screen: Set spot locks, map paths, and regulate speed and steering – all from the intuitive LCD screen of Terrova’s wireless remote, making boat positioning and control a breeze.
  • One-Boat Network Integration: Right out of the box, Minn Kota motors include everything necessary to connect with select Humminbird fish finders. 
  • Precision Spot-Lock with Jog: Experience the precision of Spot-Lock, holding you steady with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Stay on prime fishing spots without any interaction with your trolling motor. 
  • Revolutionary Drift Mode: Bid farewell to drift socks and manual control. Drift mode combines speed and course control, allowing you to control water speed even in the fiercest winds and currents.
  • Real-time Battery Monitoring: Stay informed about battery power while in use, with real-time “time until empty” display. 
  •  Battery level: Receive a notification when battery levels drop to 20%, prompting activation of “Eco-mode” to conserve current and prolong battery life.
  • Digital Maximizer™ Efficiency: Elevate your battery’s performance with up to five times longer run time on a single charge.
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft: At the heart of every Minn Kota trolling motor lies an unbreakable composite shaft exclusive to Minn Kota and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Seize direct control over your motor via the One-Boat Network app on your Apple® or Android™ device. 

With the Riptide Terrova, you’re not just acquiring a trolling motor – you’re gaining an unswerving companion that pushes boundaries and sets the standard for marine excellence. 

Get ready to embrace a new level of control, performance, and durability on the water.

Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra

Unleash unparalleled control and convenience as you navigate the waters with the Riptide Ulterra by Minn Kota. With Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim functionalities, coupled with the choice of i-Pilot® or i-Pilot® Link™, this is the ultimate companion for every angler.

Whether positioned at the bow or stern, the Riptide Ulterra empowers you to manage your motor anywhere on the boat, ensuring a fishing experience like no other.

Key Features:
  • Auto Stow & Deploy: Seamlessly stow or deploy the Ulterra at the press of a button on your i-Pilot remote or foot pedal, adding a new level of ease to your fishing endeavors.
  • Power Trim: Elevate or lower the Ulterra with a simple button press on either the foot pedal or the i-Pilot remote. 
  • Changing: Adapt swiftly to changing fishing conditions without reaching down to your trolling motor.
  • I-Pilot GPS Trolling System: Harness the most trusted GPS in fishing with i-Pilot. Navigate your trolling motor with remarkable features, including spot locks, path recording, speed and steering control, and more. 
  • LCD screen: The i-Pilot’s large LCD screen grants intuitive command over boat positioning and control.
  • Spot-Lock® with Jog: Secure your position with unparalleled GPS precision using Spot-Lock. Included in the i-Pilot GPS, this feature empowers you to remain atop productive fishing spots without manual motor adjustment. 
  • AutoPilot™: Let your boat glide in your desired direction with AutoPilot™. Point the trolling motor’s head in your chosen path, activate AutoPilot™, and maintain your heading automatically, compensating for wind, waves, and current.
  • Advanced Corrosion Protection: Riptide® motor lower unit housings undergo rigorous processes, including grit-blasting and aluminum coating, to ward off oxidation and rust. 
  • Integrated Battery Meter: The i-Pilot remote informs you about your trolling batteries’ exact charge, enabling precise management of your time on the water.
  • Digital Maximizer™ Efficiency: Maximize battery life with up to five times longer runtime on a single charge.
  • Weedless Wedge™ 2 Prop: The Weedless Wedge™ 2 prop features swept-back flared blades designed to power through obstacles without draining your battery, making it a trusted companion in fishing.
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft: Central to every Minn Kota trolling motor is an unbreakable composite shaft, a Minn Kota exclusive, backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Cool, Quiet Power: Minn Kota’s lower units run cool for extended trolling motor life, providing a quiet and efficient operation.

Elevate your angling journey with the Riptide Ulterra, a fusion of innovation, precision, and reliability that redefines fishing excellence.

Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive

Rely upon the proven prowess of the Riptide PowerDrive trolling motor for saltwater, a trusted companion for saltwater anglers seeking both steadfast performance and intelligent boat control capabilities. 

With its resilient and sleek mount, coupled with an array of dependable innovations, it’s no wonder that Riptide PowerDrive continues to set the standard.

Regarding unwavering dedication, nothing surpasses the unyielding determination of a Riptide. 

Make your choice between the effortlessly intuitive micro remote or the highly readable LCD screen of our advanced GPS navigation remote, and embark on your aquatic adventure with the assurance that only products bearing the Minn Kota name can provide.

Key Features:
  • Deploy-Assist Lever: Transition from water to land effortlessly. The Deploy-Assist Lever simplifies the deployment and stowing of your trolling motor, ensuring ease and security.
  • Advanced GPS Trolling System: Entrust your navigation to the gold standard. PowerDrive leverages GPS technology for unparalleled control over your trolling motor, empowering you with features such as Spot-Locks, speed and steering management, and more.
  • LCD screen: Minn Kota transforms boat positioning and control into an automatic affair, all monitored through the PowerDrive wireless remote’s user-friendly LCD screen.
  • Push-to-Test Battery Meter: Gain instant insight into your battery’s charge level with a simple button press, allowing you to assess its status at a glance.
  • Advanced Corrosion Protection: The lower unit housings of Riptide motors undergo a meticulous process, starting with grit-blasting and aluminum coating to ward off oxidation and rust. 
  • Digital Maximizer™ Efficiency: Amplify your battery’s endurance with up to five times longer runtime on a single charge. 
  • Speed: These variable-speed trolling motors grant you precise control over your speed, delivering the power you need to preserve battery life for a full day of angling.
  • Power Prop: Conquer diverse fishing scenarios with the Power Prop, providing the extra thrust required to navigate various waterscapes and excel in open water conditions.
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft: At the heart of every Minn Kota trolling motor lies an unbreakable composite shaft, a testament to its durability and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Cool, Quiet Power: Minn Kota’s lower units are designed to run cool, extending the life of your trolling motor while maintaining a quiet operation.

Elevate your fishing experience with the steadfast performance of Riptide PowerDrive. 

Its resilience, innovation, and reliability are a testament to the enduring legacy of Minn Kota products.

Minn Kota Riptide Transom

Saltwater trolling motor made with an intuitive and user-friendly design, the Riptide Transom model exudes a commanding 45 pounds of power, offering unmatched precision in maneuverability. 

Enhanced by the battery-conserving prowess of Digital Maximizer and unparalleled protection against corrosion, the Riptide Transom ensures that elusive fish find fewer places to conceal themselves.

Key Features:
  • Lever Lock Bracket: The robust 10-position bracket boasts a swift-release lever lock and reinforced composite construction that defies flexing, warping, and UV degradation.
  • Digital Maximizer™ Efficiency: Embrace the advantages of Digital Maximizer™-equipped trolling motors, extending battery runtimes by up to five times on a single charge.
  • Advanced Corrosion Protection: Riptide® motor lower unit housings undergo meticulous treatment, including grit-blasting and aluminum coating, to fend off oxidization and rust. 
  • Push-to-Test Battery Meter: Acquire instant insights into your remaining battery life by pressing a button on the trolling motor head.
  • Power Prop: Designed for 3-1/4″ motor diameters, this prop surges with additional power, enabling you to navigate through dense vegetation effortlessly. 
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft: A cornerstone of every Minn Kota trolling motor is the resilient composite shaft, an exclusive Minn Kota offering guaranteed a lifetime of unwavering service.

Experience the pinnacle of control and performance with the Riptide Transom model. 

Its user-centric design, advanced features, and durability are Minn Kota’s commitment to delivering an exceptional fishing experience.

2. MotorGuide


 MotorGuide also produces high-quality trolling motors for saltwater use. Some recommended models include:

MotorGuide Xi5

  • Pinpoint GPS: Unveiling unparalleled GPS navigation solutions, Pinpoint raises the bar with options that include 3 times greater precision for Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, and Cruise Control.
  • Resilient Composite Shaft: Engineered to flex, not falter. Constructed to withstand the harshest encounters with submerged obstacles like rocks and stumps without succumbing. Supported by an enduring lifetime warranty.
  • Seamless Wireless Command: Exercise control from any point on your vessel. Out-of-the-box convenience with an automatic handheld remote control.
  • Seamless Chartplotter Integration: Unlock comprehensive dominion by seamlessly linking your compatible Lowrance, Simrad, or Mercury VesselView dashboard display via NMEA 2000 and a Pinpoint GPS Gateway Cable.
Additional Attributes:
  • Utmost electronics are safeguarded by hermetic corrosion protection
  • Digital Power Management for an astonishing 5 times longer battery life
  • Real-time monitoring of motor functions via integrated LED dashboard
  • Optional inclusion of built-in 83/200 kHz 2D sonar technology

Elevate your boating experience with Pinpoint GPS, where precision, durability, and innovation converge to redefine navigation excellence.


MotorGuide Xi3

  • Experience the freedom of Wireless Control: command at your fingertips. Intuitive remote-control steering is prepped straight out of the box for immediate use. Moreover, it harmonizes seamlessly with the optional wireless foot pedal.
  • Effortless Stow and Deploy: Harness the convenience of a generously-sized SecureStep lever, empowering anglers to swiftly and effortlessly stow and deploy, conserving your time and vitality as you transition from one location to another.
  • Unlock the potential of Pinpoint GPS: Concentrate on your angling endeavors as Pinpoint® GPS technology autonomously Executes Jogs, Anchors, Recreates Routes, and more, wirelessly enhancing your fishing experience.
  • Illuminating LED Dashboard: Seamlessly monitor functions, even amid intense lighting, courtesy of four LED indicators that display Power, Propeller Activity, Pinpoint® GPS status, and Battery Life, ensuring optimal awareness at all times.

3. Newport Vessels NV-Series

Newport Vessels NV-Series

Newport Vessels NV-Series Offers various thrust options and is designed for durability in saltwater environments.

  • Ergonomically Designed Tiller Handle: The tiller handle boasts an ergonomic shape and offers an impressive 6-inch extension capability, ensuring a comfortable grip and control.
  • Optimal Depth and Steering Tension: Enjoy full shaft-length depth and the flexibility of steering tension adjustment, easily accommodating diverse conditions.
  • Versatile Adjustable Mounting: A generously sized knob-equipped mounting mechanism provides adaptability for varying transom thicknesses, guaranteeing a secure attachment.
  • Effortless Trim Adjustment: Seamlessly adjust trim for launch, storage, and motor angle optimization, simplifying the process and enhancing performance.
  • Sturdy Corrosion-Resistant Build: Crafted from the robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum casing, this design is meticulously engineered for fresh and saltwater environments.
  • Reliable Propeller Performance: The propeller, known for its durability and power, can be effortlessly replaced, ensuring continuous, efficient operation.
  • Varied Thrust Options: Choose from an array of thrust options, ranging from 36lb to 86lb, allowing you to tailor the power to your specific requirements.
  • Broad Water Compatibility: This versatile system adapts seamlessly to various aquatic environments and is ideal for saltwater and freshwater applications.
  • Equivalent Horsepower Ranges: With power equivalents spanning from .48HP to 1.5HP, this system delivers a range of horsepower options to suit your needs.
  • Multi-Speed Functionality: Experience versatility with 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds, enabling you to navigate different situations effectively.
  • Efficient Amp Draw: Keep energy consumption in check with max amp draw figures that vary according to thrust, ensuring an optimal balance between power and efficiency.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing in at 18lbs to 25lbs, this motor strikes a harmonious balance between durability and portability.

4. Power pole trolling motor

Power pole trolling motor

Presenting the Power-Pole MOVE: A revolutionary brushless trolling motor of the next generation, purpose-built to conquer the most challenging conditions with unparalleled force, exceptional endurance, and remarkable efficiency, all achieved in a nearly silent operation. 

The question arises: How do you command your boat’s motion? We meticulously examined every aspect of conventional trolling motors, identifying recurring points of failure that fail to meet the high standards of top-tier anglers. 

This meticulous scrutiny empowered us to fortify the Power-Pole MOVE with redundant systems upon redundant systems meticulously placed in strategic locations to amplify resilience.

Our unwavering commitment stems from recognizing that seasoned anglers demand nothing less than peak performance from their trolling motor as they embrace this ethos day in and day out.

5. Garmin trolling motor

Garmin trolling motor

Experience the commanding prowess of Garmin’s trolling motors for saltwater as you venture into the depths.

 These motors stand as the epitome of power1 in the market, offering unparalleled force while maintaining impressive efficiency.

The Force Kraken trolling motor is meticulously engineered, boasting an elongated shaft tailored for vessels with higher freeboards.

Its pivot-style mount ensures effortless installation, catering, especially to boats with limited bow space. 

Equipped with the Force trolling motor, you’ll swiftly traverse between fishing spots, surmounting winds, and currents with remarkable resilience while preserving an undisturbed atmosphere with its near-silent operation.

Driven by an advanced brushless motor, this high-efficiency masterpiece adapts effortlessly to both 36V and 24V configurations. 

Remarkably, its 24V operation matches the thrust of competitors’ 36V counterparts, showcasing its outstanding performance. 

Elevate your control with an intuitively designed pedal, delivering instantaneous responsiveness akin to traditional cable-steered pedals. 

This wireless pedal is powered by AA batteries, offering convenience yet retaining the option for hardwire installation. 

Enhancing your angling experience, the package includes a handheld remote control featuring a sunlight-readable display.

 Seamlessly manipulate the trolling motor and indulge in the convenience of point-and-go gesture steering.

Furthermore, user-programmable keys grant you the power to manage your chartplotter directly from the remote. 

Experience the pinnacle of innovation by integrating select Garmin chart plotters with the Force® trolling motor and your compatible Power-Pole shallow water anchoring system. 

This synergy unveils advanced boat control features2 on your chartplotter, including smart anchor auto-deployment, smart anchor jog, auto stow, anchor drag detection, and auto guidance3 for end-of-route anchoring.

 This seamless integration affords you more precious time focused on fishing and less time on maneuvering.

6. Rhodan trolling motor

Rhodan trolling motor

Revolutionize your fishing escapades with GPS-guided precision and wireless control this exceptional Rhodan Trolling Motor offers. 

Developed over years of dedicated inventor use, this patented system has evolved into its current advanced configuration.

 When pinpointing a promising fishing spot, a simple touch of the anchor button on the remote activates the Guided Trolling Motor, ensuring the boat’s bow remains within a hair’s breadth of the chosen location.

 At the same time, you focus intently on the catch. 

At the heart of Rhodan Marine Systems lies a groundbreaking micro-computer module that harnesses the power of a high-definition GPS receiver to meticulously monitor and command the trolling motor. 

Our robust and hushed thruster yields an impressive thrust of 120 pounds (36V), 80 pounds (24V), or 55 pounds (12V), adhering to industry standards.

Each comprehensive system includes a wireless fob, a swift-release mount, and an efficient 3-bladed propeller.


  • Cutting-edge Digital Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuitry elevates efficiency, minimizes heat dissipation, optimizes power utilization, and extends battery life, granting you extended hours of uninterrupted fishing on a single charge.
  • The waterproof and buoyant wireless remote control fob allows you to govern the Trolling Motor from any point on your vessel, enhancing your fishing experience.
  • The HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor excels in steering the boat even as the primary engine operates at low power settings. 
  • This feature empowers the system to achieve higher trolling speeds or anchor efficiently in swiftly flowing currents.
  • An instant “Off” button offers swift disengagement when needed, especially during intense fish engagements.
  • An audible battery meter on the wireless fob provides real-time visibility into the battery’s state of charge from anywhere on your boat.
  • The stowed position sensor guarantees the trolling motor and propeller remain inactive when in the stowed position, prioritizing safety and convenience.
  • The lockable quick-release mount permits easy relocation for storage or adaptation to another vessel.
  • The sturdy and corrosion-resistant composite shaft, endowed with flexibility upon impact, promises resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Rhodan Trolling Motors have successfully undergone rigorous durability testing and countless hours of real-world fishing scenarios, attesting to their reliability and performance.
  • Available in both Black and White models, each designed for saltwater application, equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes. 
  • The trolling motor lower units and shafts feature the durable Line-X® finish, enhancing longevity.

 It’s also a good idea to read user reviews, seek recommendations from fellow boaters, and consult with local marine supply stores to get the most up-to-date information on trolling motor options for saltwater use.

Can you use a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater?

Using a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater is generally not recommended due to saltwater’s harsh and corrosive nature. 

Saltwater can cause rapid deterioration and corrosion of the motor’s components, leading to reduced performance, malfunctions, and potentially even complete failure.

Freshwater trolling motors are typically designed with materials and coatings less resistant to saltwater corrosion.

 The saltwater environment can corrode metal parts, degrade electrical connections, and damage internal components. 

Even if the trolling motor seems to function initially in saltwater, the saltwater exposure can lead to irreversible damage over time.

If you plan to use a trolling motor in saltwater, it’s advisable to invest in a trolling motor specifically designed for saltwater use.

 These motors are built with corrosion-resistant materials, protective coatings, and specialised design features to withstand the challenges posed by saltwater conditions.

 They are engineered to provide reliable performance and durability in marine environments.

Using a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater may save you money in the short term, but the potential risks of damage and reduced performance are not worth the trade-off.

Choosing a trolling motor specifically designed and rated for saltwater use is best to ensure a trouble-free and enjoyable boating and fishing experience.


Motor guide Trolling motors designed specifically for saltwater environments offer many benefits that enhance your fishing experience. 

They provide reliable and precise control, allowing you to navigate various water conditions easily. 

Technological advancements have led to features like GPS guidance and wireless control, enabling you to focus more on fishing and less on steering.

Many models come with innovative functionalities such as spot-locking, anchor modes, and route planning, making it easier to stay on target and locate productive fishing spots.

Durability is a key factor in saltwater trolling motors, with reinforced components and sturdy construction that can handle the challenges of saltwater fishing.

 The availability of different thrust options and power levels ensures you can find a trolling motor that suits your boat and fishing style.

 Whether exploring calm bays or tackling rough offshore waters, saltwater trolling motors provide the reliability, control, and convenience you need to make the most of your fishing adventures.

 Investing in a high-quality trolling motor designed for saltwater use can greatly enhance your fishing success and overall enjoyment on the water.

Check out the Bait a Minnow available on our website.


Can a trolling motor be used in salt water?

Yes, trolling motors designed specifically for saltwater use can be safely and effectively used in saltwater environments.

Can you use a regular Minn Kota trolling motor in saltwater?

While some regular Minn Kota trolling motors are labelled as suitable for freshwater and saltwater use, opting for a trolling motor specifically designed for saltwater conditions to ensure better durability and longevity in marine environments is generally recommended.

What is the difference between fresh and saltwater trolling motors?

The main difference between freshwater and saltwater trolling motors is that saltwater trolling motors are built with materials and features designed to withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater, providing better durability and performance in marine environments.

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