Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod: Surfcasting Mastery

When conquering the challenging world of surf fishing, having the right equipment can make all the difference. 

In this article, we’ll delve into what makes this rod stand out and why it’s the ultimate choice for coastal anglers. 

The Penn Battalion II Surf Spinning Rod is a game-changer when conquering the surf and reeling in those trophy catches. 

The second generation of the PENN® Battalion™ series brings a perfect blend of strength, performance, and style. 

This article will look at the Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod Review.

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod Review

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod

Are you ready to elevate your surf fishing game? The Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod – 2 Pieces might be the key to unlocking a new level of angling success.

In this review, we’ll dive into the features and performance of this remarkable fishing rod, designed to conquer the surf with style and precision.

Ultralight, Powerful, and Durable:

The Penn Battalion II Surf Spinning Rod is engineered to be your trusted companion on the shoreline.

Its graphite two-piece construction perfectly balances lightweight design and robust durability.

Whether battling feisty saltwater gamefish or casting your bait into the breakers, this rod is built to endure the toughest conditions.

Versatile Line Rating and Medium Power:

With a line rating of 12-20 pounds and a medium power rating, this rod is versatile enough to tackle a wide range of surf fishing scenarios.

The moderate-fast action combines responsiveness with the staying power you need to land that trophy catch. Its lure rating of 3/4-3 ounces allows you to target various species easily.

Graphite Composite Sensitivity:

One standout feature of the Penn Battalion II is its graphite composite rod blank.

This material is incredibly sensitive, allowing you to detect the subtlest of strikes, and also lightweight for those long days on the beach.

When speed is crucial in the fight against your catch, this rod delivers.

Fuji Alconite Ceramic Guides:

No detail is overlooked in the design of the Battalion II. Fuji Alconite Ceramic Guides are tough and exceptionally smooth, ensuring your fishing line flows effortlessly during casting and retrieval.

These guides can withstand rough surface treatment while keeping your line strong under tension, whether in fresh or saltwater conditions.

Comfortable Rubber Shrink Tube Grips:

Handling a wet and slippery rod can be challenging, but not with the Penn Battalion II.

Its handle type C features comfortable rubber grips that instill confidence even when the rod is wet.

The rubber shrink tube rod butt offers a secure grip without snagging on your clothing, allowing you to stand your ground comfortably during the battle with that monster fish.

Stylish and Durable Design:

The Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod boasts a sleek black and gold color scheme, exuding a sense of style on the shoreline.

Its Fuji graphite reel seat provides a lightweight yet dependable anchor point for your reel, enhancing overall balance and control.


  • Brand: PENN
  • Material: Composite
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Model Name: BATSFII1220S10
  • Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 20 pounds
  • Handle Material: Ceramic, Graphite, Rubber
  • Product Dimensions: 61.75″L x 1.5″W
  • Item Package Dimensions: 62 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.36 Kilograms
  • Warranty Description: Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Suggested Users: Unisex-adult
  • Number of Items: 2
  • Manufacturer: Pure Fishing
  • Part Number: BATSFII1220S10
  • Model Year: 2021
  • Style: Battalion II
  • Included Components: Rod
  • Size: 10′ – Medium – 12-20lb – 2pc
  • Sport Type: Fishing
  • Skill Level: All

Penn Battalion Surf Spinning Rod – 2 Pieces is an exceptional tool for surf anglers seeking a versatile, durable, and stylish fishing rod.

Its power, sensitivity, and premium components make it a top choice for those looking to conquer the waves and reel in their dream catch.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the thrill of surf fishing at its finest with this impressive rod from Penn.

Penn Battalion Surf


Graphite Composite Blank: The Penn Battalion II Surf Spinning Rod boasts a high-quality graphite composite blank.

 This material ensures exceptional strength and offers the sensitivity to detect even nibbles.

Fuji® Alconite Guides: The inclusion of Fuji® Alconite guides enhances casting distance and accuracy. 

These guides are known for their durability and smooth line management, reducing friction and allowing longer, smoother casts.

Fuji® Reel Seat: The Fuji® reel seat is a testament to the rod’s commitment to quality. 

It provides a secure and comfortable attachment for your spinning reel, ensuring a solid connection between rod and reel for a seamless fishing experience.

Rubber Shrink Tube Handles: The rubber shrink tube handles are a standout feature of this rod. 

They offer a secure and comfortable grip, even when wet. This is crucial for surf anglers who often find themselves battling waves and saltwater spray.


Exceptional Durability: The composite blank and Fuji® components make this rod incredibly durable and capable of handling the demands of surf fishing and challenging saltwater conditions.

Sensitivity: Thanks to the graphite composite blank, the rod is highly sensitive, allowing you to feel even the faintest of strikes. 

This is a critical feature when targeting species that have subtle takes.

Casting Performance: The Fuji® Alconite guides and well-designed blank contribute to outstanding casting performance. 

You can expect longer, more accurate casts, vital for reaching those distant feeding grounds.

Comfortable Handling: The rubber shrink tube handles provide excellent grip and comfort, ensuring you can fish for hours without experiencing hand fatigue.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to pair perfectly with PENN® Battle® III and Spinfisher® VI spinning reels, this rod offers seamless integration with other high-quality PENN® gear.


Price Point: While the Penn Battalion II Surf Spinning Rod offers excellent value for its quality, it may be considered a bit pricey for anglers on a tight budget.

Limited Length Options: Depending on your specific surf fishing needs, the options are limited. 

Expanding the range could cater to a broader audience of anglers.

How to cast a surf rod

Casting a surf rod effectively is essential for successful surf fishing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cast a surf rod:

1. Select the Right Gear

  • Ensure you have the appropriate surf fishing rod and reel for your target species and surf conditions.
  • Use a braided fishing line for longer casting distances, as it has less line memory and offers better sensitivity.

2. Choose the Right Bait and Lure

  • Select the appropriate bait or lure for your target species and fishing conditions. 
  • Different fish prefer different baits and lures.

3. Position Yourself

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and face the water.
  • Ensure you have enough space behind you to execute a full cast without obstructions.

4. Grip the Rod

  • Hold the surf rod with your dominant hand on the handle and your non-dominant hand on the rod above the reel.
  • Make sure your grip is firm but tight enough.

5. Prepare Your Line

  • Ensure your line is properly threaded through the guides on the rod.
  • Open the bail on your spinning reel to allow the line to flow freely.

6. Load the Rod

  • Swing the rod back over your shoulder, allowing it to load or bend under the tension of the line. 
  • The more you load the rod, the more energy it will release during the cast.

7. Cast

  • Start the forward cast by smoothly and steadily swinging the rod forward. Imagine a clock face; you should go from 1 o’clock (backswing) to 10 o’clock (forward cast).
  • Release the line by flipping the bail closed with your non-dominant hand before you begin the forward cast.
  • Release your index finger from the line gently, allowing it to flow off the spool as the rod approaches.
  • Keep your eye on the bait or lure as it sails.
  • When the bait or lure reaches your desired distance, close the bail with your non-dominant hand to prevent the line from spooling.

8. Follow Through

  • After the cast, follow through with your rod to minimize the chance of backlash or tangling.
  • Keep the rod tip up to allow the bait or lure to swim or sink properly.

9. Set the Hook

  • If you feel a bite or see a strike while retrieving your line, set the hook by sharply raising the rod tip to create tension. 
  • This should drive the hook into the fish’s mouth.

10. Reel in Your Catch: Use the reel to retrieve the line and land your catch after hooking a fish.

Tips for Success

  • Practice your casting technique on dry land before hitting the surf to build muscle memory and improve accuracy.
  • Pay attention to wind direction and tides, affecting your casting distance and accuracy.
  • Be cautious when casting near other anglers to avoid entanglements.

Remember that casting a surf rod effectively takes practice. Over time, you’ll become more skilled at gauging distances and adjusting your casting technique to suit different conditions and fish species.


The Penn Battalion II Surf Spinning Rod is a top-notch choice for surf anglers seeking strength, performance, and style in their fishing gear. 

With its durable construction, sensitivity, and comfortable handling, it’s designed to meet the demands of coastal fishing enthusiasts. 

While it may have a slightly higher price point and limited length options, its overall quality and performance make it a valuable addition to any angler’s arsenal. 

Whether targeting striped bass, redfish, or any other coastal species, the Penn Battalion Spinning Rod is a reliable and powerful companion for fishing adventures.

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