Fishing Pier Net: Easy Beginner

Pier fishing, a timeless and captivating outdoor activity, has been cherished by anglers for generations. 

Piers offer a unique vantage point for novice and seasoned fishermen to cast their lines and reel in the deep treasures.

 Choosing the right equipment is essential to make the most of this experience, and among the indispensable tools, a high-quality fishing pier net reigns supreme.

 In this article, we delve into the world of pier fishing and its allure and guide you to the best nets to make your angling endeavors a resounding success.

The Essence of Pier Fishing

An angler who uses a pier as a fishing platform can access a wide array of fish species that often gather around the structure. 

Piers offers a unique blend of comfort and excitement, where enthusiasts can enjoy the soothing sound of the waves while staying dry and away from the rough surf. 

Moreover, piers provide the ideal opportunity to target an array of fish species, from saltwater inhabitants like snappers, flounders, and mackerels to larger game fish like striped bass, redfish, and sharks.

Best Nets for Pier Fishing

Fishing piers stand as iconic structures where the tranquility of the water meets the excitement of angling. 

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the fishing world, the assortment of pier nets available can greatly enhance your experience on the pier.

This article explores the distinct types of nets designed to make your fishing pier escapades even more rewarding. 

Each option serves a unique purpose in pier fishing, from the classic cast net and hoop net to innovative drop nets and landing nets. 

While selecting the right fishing gear is a crucial aspect of pier fishing, the significance of a well-chosen pier fishing net cannot be understated. 

A fishing pier net bridges your skillful angling and the triumphant capture of your prized catch. Here are some best fishing nets that are tailored for pier fishing excellence:

  1. Landing Nets
  2. Cast Net Fishing
  3. Hoop Net Fishing
  4. Drop Net Fishing
  5. Rubber-Coated Nets

Landing Nets

When it comes to successful pier fishing, having the right equipment can make all the difference between a frustrating outing and a memorable adventure. 

Pier Landing nets for pier fishing are designed to assist anglers in safely and efficiently bringing their catches onto the pier or boat.

 They prevent the removal of scales, reduce stress, and enable a smoother catch-and-release process. 

With landing nets, anglers can extend their reach beyond what their fishing rod allows. 

This becomes particularly important when dealing with larger or more active fish. A landing net allows for quicker and smoother landing, reducing the risk of fish escaping at the last moment. 

This is especially crucial when dealing with species known for their agility. Here is the best landing net:

Fishing Net with Telescoping Handle Collection

Fishing Net with Telescoping Handle Collection

Extendable ConvenienceOne of the most remarkable attributes of our Telescopic Fishing Net is its extendable telescopic pole, offering a remarkable length adjustment from 35 inches when retracted to an impressive 56 inches when fully extended. 

This feature allows you to reach distant catches and makes transportation a breeze. 

Whether you’re on a small boat or exploring new fishing grounds, our fishing net ensures effortless portability and uncomplicated storage.

Unrivaled Durability: Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, our fishing net guarantees longevity that transcends the boundaries of freshwater and saltwater environments. 

The nylon fish netting is masterfully designed to be sturdy and tangle-resistant, guaranteeing seamless use without causing harm to your prized catches.

With this gear, you can confidently conquer various fishing scenarios while knowing your equipment can endure the test of time.

Ergonomic Excellence: Designed with the angler’s comfort in mind, our Telescopic Fishing Net features an ergonomic handle with optimal weight distribution.

 This strategic design choice enables you to move effortlessly, enhancing your control over the net. 

Moreover, the net’s handle boasts an EVA grip, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring a comfortable grip even during prolonged fishing sessions.

Whether you’re landing fish or harvesting crawfish, our net ensures every movement is smooth and precise.

A Multifaceted Companion: Experience the versatility of our collapsible fishing net, which excels in landing various fish species across diverse fishing environments. 

From the expansive open ocean to serene lakes, dynamic rivers, and even kayak fishing adventures, this net proves its mettle repeatedly.

Regardless of your angling style, our fishing net is a steadfast ally that adapts seamlessly to your fishing pursuits.

Cast Net Fishing

Cast net fishing is a technique that requires skill and precision. With their circular design and weighted edges, these nets are cast out into the water, creating a spread that remarkably efficiently captures schools of baitfish.

 Cast nets are essential for pier anglers who want to gather live bait or target smaller fish species. 

Mastering the art of casting a net is a gratifying skill that adds an extra layer of engagement to your pier fishing experience. Here is the best Cast net

 Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net

 Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net

Embark on an exceptional bait fishing journey with the Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net – an epitome of excellence in angling gear. 

Designed to empower every angler, this cast net guarantees an effortless casting experience and enhances your bait-catching success rate. 

Coupled with a utility box for your convenience and insightful how-to instructions, this net ensures that your fishing excursions are filled with triumph and abundance.

Unleash the Bait Fishing Power: Designed with a singular focus on bait fishing, the Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net is your ultimate ally on the quest for bait. Its ingenuity lies in its ability to offer a full spread, enabling you to capture a substantial amount of bait with each cast. 

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just stepping into the fishing world, this net simplifies your bait-catching endeavors, ensuring that your fishing arsenal is always well-stocked.

Designed for Performance: Craftsmanship meets functionality in this cast net’s 4-foot by 3/8-inch dimensions. 

The optimal size strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and coverage, giving you the edge to secure bait efficiently. 

Utility Box for Organized Excellence: Besides its exceptional cast net, the Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net has a utility box. 

This box is a haven for your lures, hooks, tools, and other fishing supplies, allowing you to keep your essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. 

This added convenience ensures that your fishing sessions are focused on the thrill of the catch rather than rummaging for gear.

Comprehensive How-To Instructions: To further elevate your fishing experience, the Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net includes comprehensive how-to instructions on bait-catching. 

Hoop Net Fishing

Hoop nets are ingenious devices that combine efficiency with simplicity. Using a circular frame with netting, hoop nets are submerged underwater and secured to the pier’s structure. 

As fish swim into the net’s enclosure, they become entangled, allowing you to retrieve them at your leisure. 

Hoop nets are particularly effective for catching crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans. 

Their design makes them a great choice for anglers who appreciate the balance of patience and reward in their fishing endeavors. Here is the best Hoop net

Catfish Trap, Hoop Net with Nyglass Hoops

Catfish Trap, Hoop Net with Nyglass Hoops

Experience the epitome of American craftsmanship with our Catfish Trap Net, meticulously designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

This net is expertly constructed using #15 nylon netting, boasting unmatched strength and durability. 

With its four sturdy Nyglass hoops, this trap ensures reliability and longevity, promising an exceptional fishing experience. 

Drop Net Fishing

Drop nets introduce an element of surprise and suspense to pier fishing. These nets, usually cylindrical or conical in shape, are lowered into the water and left to sit at various depths.

 The open design entices curious fish to swim in, after which the drop net is raised to reveal your catch.

 Drop net for pier fishing are often used for larger fish species and are perfect for those seeking a more hands-on approach to landing their trophies.



Explore the crabbing and crawfish harvesting world with the exceptional Promar NE-111W 2 Ring Wire Crab/Crawfish Net. 

Designed to perfection, this net is a testament to Promar’s commitment to providing outdoor enthusiasts with premium products that enhance their adventures in the great outdoors.

Unleash the Potential of Crabbing and Crawfish Harvesting: The Promar NE-111W 2 Ring Wire Crab/Crawfish Net is a testament to precision engineering designed to pursue crabs and crawfish.

 With two sturdy rings as the foundation, this net is engineered to optimize your catch potential while ensuring your harvesting efforts succeed.

Quality Craftsmanship for Unrivaled Performance: Promar’s dedication to Designing exceptional outdoor equipment is evident in every aspect of the NE-111W net.

Built with meticulous attention to detail, this net guarantees durability and reliability, making it a worthy companion for your crabbing and crawfish harvesting endeavors.

Tailored for Maximum Convenience: With dimensions of 1.5 L x 45.7 W x 45.7 H (cm), the Promar NE-111W net perfectly balances portability and capacity.

Its size is designed to accommodate your needs while remaining easy to handle, making your crabbing and crawfish harvesting ventures efficient and enjoyable.

A Testament to Promar’s Dedication: Promar Premium Products are not just fishing equipment but a testament to a brand’s commitment to delivering excellence to outdoor enthusiasts. 

The NE-111W net is a prime example of this dedication, offering an enhanced experience that aligns with the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Rubber-Coated Nets

 Rubber-coated nets are an excellent choice to safeguard your catch’s delicate scales and fins. 

Their non-abrasive material minimizes injury to the fish, enabling catch-and-release practices that contribute to conservation efforts.

Frabill Rubber Replacement Net

Frabill Rubber Replacement Net

Frabill Rubber Replacement Net: A Legacy of Angling Excellence Since 1938

For over eight decades, anglers have trusted Frabill, and the Frabill Rubber Replacement Net continues this legacy of quality and reliability. 

Designed to fit Conservation, Pro-Formance, and other Frabill models seamlessly, this rubber replacement net epitomizes durability and performance, offering a superior fishing experience.

Renew Your Fishing Arsenal with Rubber Replacement: Upgrade your fishing gear effortlessly with the Frabill Rubber Replacement Net.

It is designed to perfection and fits 20″ x 23″ hoop sizes with mesh measuring 0.38″.

The net’s depth stretches to accommodate various fish sizes and weights, showcasing its adaptability to diverse angling scenarios.

Innovative and Damage-Reducing Design: This replacement net’s tough thermoplastic rubber composition ensures natural expansion to suit a range of fish sizes and weights. 

The net’s knot-free surface minimizes fishing damage, highlighting Frabill’s commitment to ethical angling. 

Adding to its appeal, the flat bottom design facilitates easy removal and fewer snags, letting you focus on the thrill of the catch.

Complete Your Gear with Confidence: The Frabill Rubber Replacement Net includes the net itself, with the handle not included. 

This design flexibility empowers you to integrate the net seamlessly into your fishing setup, ensuring a customized experience that caters to your angling preferences.

Pier fishing encapsulates the essence of angling – a harmonious dance between man and nature.

 The enchanting waters beneath the pier’s legs conceal a world of possibilities, with each line cast promising an encounter with the denizens of the deep.

Choosing the right fishing net is pivotal to elevating your pier fishing experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

 Landing nets, telescoping nets, rubber-coated nets, and deep-netting systems are all excellent options tailored to meet specific preferences and angling goals.

Do you need a net for pier fishing?

Using a net for pier fishing can be beneficial, but it can sometimes be a flexible requirement. 

Whether or not you need a net for pier fishing depends on several factors, including the type of fish you’re targeting, the fishing techniques you’re using, and your personal preferences.

Here are a few points to consider:

Benefits of Using a Net for Pier Fishing:

Landing Larger Fish: If you’re targeting larger fish species from a pier, a net can help you safely land the fish without risking it breaking your line or escaping.

Minimizing Stress: Using a net can reduce the stress on the fish during the landing process. It can help prevent injury to the fish’s delicate scales and fins, making catch-and-release practices more effective.

Added Reach: A net with a long handle can extend your reach and make bringing a fish from a higher pier easier.

Convenience: A net can make the landing smoother, especially if you’re fishing alone. It’s quicker and more efficient than scooping the fish up with your hands or a makeshift tool.

Safety: When dealing with fish that have sharp teeth or spines, a net can provide a layer of protection for both you and the fish.

Situations Where a Net Might Not Be Necessary:

Small Fish: A net might be optional if you’re targeting smaller fish species that can be easily lifted onto the pier.

Bait Fishing: If you primarily use bait and fishing for species like crabs or shrimp, a net might not be as crucial as it would be for catching larger game fish.

Personal Preference: Some anglers prefer not to use nets for various reasons, such as wanting to have a more direct connection with the fish they catch or feeling more in control of the landing process.

While a net can be a valuable tool for pier fishing, it’s unnecessary in all cases. The decision to use a net ultimately depends on your fishing type, target species, and preferences. 

If you find that using a net enhances your fishing experience and aligns with your ethical fishing practices, it’s worth considering as part of your pier fishing gear.

How to make a Fishing pier net

Creating a fishing pier net can be rewarding and enhance your angling experience. Here’s a general guide on how to make a simple fishing pier net:

Materials You’ll Need:

Netting Material: Choose a strong and durable netting material such as nylon or polyethylene. 

Hoop Frame: You’ll need a sturdy hoop frame to attach the netting. This can be made from PVC pipes, aluminum, or steel.

Rope or Cordage: You’ll need rope or cordage to secure the netting to the hoop frame.

Tools: Scissors, pliers, a ruler or measuring tape, and a lighter (for nylon netting).


Plan and Measure: Decide on the size of your net. Consider the hoop’s diameter and the netting length you’ll need to create the bag.

Measure and cut the netting material according to your desired size. Leave extra length for attaching to the hoop frame and create a gathering line at the bottom of the net.

Prepare the Hoop Frame: If using PVC pipes, cut them to the desired length for the hoop and connect them to form a circular shape.

If using other materials like aluminum or steel, shape them into a circular hoop using appropriate tools.

Attach the Netting: Lay the netting flat on the ground and place the hoop frame on top.

Start attaching the netting to the hoop frame using rope or cordage. You can use knots like the clove hitch or bowline to secure the netting to the hoop.

Work your way around the hoop, evenly spacing the netting attachments. Pull the netting taut as you go.

Create the Gathering Line: At the bottom of the netting, leave a bit of excess material to create a gathering line. This line will help you close the net once it’s in the water.

Fold the excess netting over the line and use rope or cordage to secure it, creating a loop that you can pull to close the net.

Finishing Touches: Trim any excess netting material that extends beyond the hoop frame.

If you’re using nylon netting, carefully use a lighter to melt the edges of the netting where you’ve cut to prevent fraying.

Testing: Head to your fishing pier to test the net. Lower it into the water and practice opening and closing it to ensure it functions as intended.

Creating a fishing pier net requires attention to detail and careful craftsmanship.

The size and design can be adjusted based on your preferences and the type of fish you plan to catch. 

What is the fishing net called?

The term “fishing net” is a general term for various nets designed and used for fishing purposes. 

Fishing nets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, each tailored to specific fishing techniques, target species, and environments.

Some common types of fishing nets include:

  • Cast Net: A circular net with weights along the edges that is thrown by hand and then drawn in to catch fish. Cast nets are commonly used for catching baitfish and smaller species.
  • Seine Net: A large horizontal net deployed from a boat or shore and then pulled in to encircle fish. Seine nets are used for catching fish in open water and are often employed in schools of fish.
  • Drag Net: A net towed behind a boat to catch fish in open water. Also known as trawl nets, drag nets are commonly used in commercial fishing.
  • Landing Net: A net with a handle scoop up and lands fish once hooked. Landing nets safely bring fish on board boats or onto piers.
  • Crab Trap Net: A specialized net that catches crabs or other crustaceans. These nets often have entrances that allow crabs to enter but not escape.
  • Casting Net: Similar to a cast net, this term can refer to a net used for casting and catching fish.
  • Hoop Net: A net with a circular hoop frame lowered into the water to catch fish or crustaceans.
  • Dip Net: A simple net with a handle used to scoop up fish from the water, often used for catching fish near the surface.

These are just a few examples of the many types of fishing nets used by anglers and commercial fishermen worldwide.

 The specific type of fishing net you use depends on your fishing goals, target species, and fishing technique.


Fishing piers offer a captivating fusion of serenity and excitement, making them a favorite destination for anglers of all skill levels. 

To elevate your pier fishing experience, choosing the right net is paramount.

 Cast nets, hoop, drop nets, and saltwater fishing pier landing nets each contribute a unique dimension to your angling adventures. 

Whether you’re capturing baitfish, gathering crustaceans, or landing the catch of the day, these nets are your trusted allies on the pier, enhancing your connection to the aquatic world and the thrill of the hunt. 

So, as you stand on the pier’s edge, armed with your chosen net, remember that each cast is an invitation to engage with nature’s rhythm and embark on a journey of discovery beneath the shimmering waters.

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