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Fishing line counters are devices anglers use to measure and keep track of the amount of fishing line deployed from a fishing reel. 

These counters are particularly useful when trolling, downrigging, or fishing at specific depths, as they allow fishermen to accurately determine the depth at which their lures or baits are presented to the fish.

Different fishing line counters, each with features and designs, are available on the market. Some common types include:

Mechanical Line Counters: These are simple, manually operated devices typically attached to the fishing rod or reel.

 They consist of a dial or a series of numbers that rotate as the fishing line is let out. 

Anglers can read the number on the counter to know how much line has been released.

Electronic Line Counters: These are more advanced devices that use electronic components to measure and display the number of lines released. They often provide digital displays that are easier to read than mechanical counters. 

Some electronic counters can also be programmed to reset automatically or allow anglers to set target depths for their lures.

Integrated Reel Counters: Some fishing reels come with built-in line counters. These reels have the line counter mechanism integrated into their design, allowing anglers to see the line’s length on the reel directly. 

This eliminates the need for a separate counting device.

Clip-on Line Counters: These are portable devices that can be clipped onto various types of fishing reels. 

They work by measuring the revolutions of the reel and converting them into line length using pre-set parameters.

Fishing line counters can be particularly valuable when precision is important, such as when fishing at specific depths or trying to replicate successful fishing setups. 

They can help anglers replicate successful fishing setups, maintain consistency, and increase their chances of catching fish. 

Choosing a line counter that suits your fishing style, the fishing you do, and the kind of reel you use is important.

10 Best Fishing Line Counters

A line counter reel is a specialized fishing reel with a built-in line counter mechanism. 

This mechanism allows anglers to keep track of the amount of fishing line that has been released from the reel. 

Line counter reels are particularly useful in scenarios where precision is crucial, such as trolling or deep-sea fishing, as they help anglers replicate successful setups and accurately target specific depths where fish are located. 

These fishing reels with line counters often feature digital or mechanical displays that show the length of line released, helping fishermen maintain consistency and increase their chances of success on the water.

Here are a few best line counter reels:

  1. Berkley Line Counter
  2. Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reel
  3. Rapala Digital Line Counter
  4. DepthMaster Trolling Reels
  5. Shimano Tekota Line Counter Reel
  6. Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Counter Reel
  7. Penn Warfare Line Counter Reel
  8. Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Reel
  9. Kristal line counter

Berkley Line Counter

Berkley Line Counter

Achieve precise positioning of your bait in the fish-rich zones using the Berkley® Clip-on Line Counter.

This tool provides an accurate gauge of fishing depth, while its one-touch quick line setup lever streamlines the process. 

The automatic line release is adjustable, allowing it to adapt to various fishing conditions and ensuring optimal performance. 

With their reliable line counter and reel options, Berkley is a well-known brand in the fishing industry.

 Their line counters are often praised for their durability and accuracy.

Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reel

Okuma Cold Water Line Counter Reel

 The Okuma Cold Water line counter reels are built upon a robust star drag foundation, featuring heavy-duty machine-cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems, and a full Carbonite drag system capable of delivering a maximum drag output of up to 7kg. 

These reels also incorporate Okuma’s anti-fogging Clear View Technology. 

They even offer a purple-pink ladies’ edition in both right and left-hand retrieve options.

These reels are designed with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant frame and side plates. 

They boast a multi-disc, Carbonite drags system for smooth operation, complemented by an aluminum handle arm with Ergo grip handle knobs. 

A quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing and two stainless steel ball bearings enhance the reel’s smooth performance.

 The Okuma Cold Water line counter reels feature oversized machine-cut brass XL drive, pinion gears, and a self-lubricating gearing system across all models.

The Speed Lock pinion gear system ensures efficient functionality. The reels also sport a machined aluminum, two-tone anodized spool.

There’s an aluminum ratcheting drag star for precise drag settings, while the Wide Mouth level wind design provides ample clearance for copper lines.

 An automatic trip spool engaging mechanism adds to the convenience of these reels. To increase durability, the Mechanical Stabilizing System (MSS) is incorporated.

 For those who prefer left-hand crank line counter models, the DLX designation signifies this option. 

The reels come with a mechanical line counter function that measures feet. Lastly, including CVT (Clear View Technology) prevents fogging on the line counter, ensuring clear visibility during fishing. 

These reels are commonly used for trolling and deep-water fishing.

Rapala DIGITAL Line Counter

Rapala DIGITAL Line Counter

the latest innovation from Rapala, the Digital Line Counter. This versatile tool is designed to seamlessly attach to baitcasting and spinning rods, offering many features. 

It’s incredibly user-friendly, catering to casting, trolling, and line spooling tasks, ensuring consistent results. 

The digital display, complete with a backlight, enhances visibility in all conditions. The Depth lock feature simplifies and streamlines the process, effortlessly storing and presenting the line distance with a single touch. 

An added Depth alarm function emits a signal once your desired line distance is achieved.

Facilitating smooth operations, the Line guide comes into play, efficiently disengaging the line from the wheel when necessary.

 The rod mount guarantees a secure attachment to your fishing rod, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

 Additionally, the unit offers both imperial and metric display options to accommodate your preference, while a battery status indicator keeps you informed about its power level. 

The Rapala Digital Line Counter is a must-have tool for anglers seeking precision and ease in fishing.

DepthMaster Trolling Reels

DepthMaster Trolling Reels

This reel ensures accurate measurements and effortlessly handles the challenge of reeling in large, hard-fighting fish. 

Designed with a lightweight yet robust graphite frame and side plates, it guarantees durability that stands up to demanding conditions.

 Featuring a mechanical line counter, the reel keeps you informed of your line’s extent, while the oversized stainless steel level wind effectively prevents frustrating tangles. 

The self-lubricating gear system, equipped with a sturdy machine-cut brass main gear, ensures seamless operation.

 To provide smooth control, the reel boasts a multidisc drag system and incorporates three stainless steel ball bearings along with Powerlock instant anti-reverse technology. 

In the 20-size variant, the reel comes with a stainless steel dual-paddle handle featuring oversized soft-touch knobs, enhancing comfort during extended fishing sessions. 

Meanwhile, the 30 and 45 sizes showcase a counterbalanced machined aluminum handle fitted with a single oversized knob for optimal control and balance.

 DepthMaster offers line counter reels that are designed specifically for trolling. They come in manual and electronic versions, providing options for different preferences.

Shimano Tekota Line Counter Reel

Shimano Tekota Line Counter Reel

The SHIMANO TEKOTA 500 Line Counter weighs 15.2 ounces and is designed for use with a monofilament fishing line. 

Shimano’s Tekota line counter reels are highly regarded for their quality and performance. 

They’re designed for offshore and trolling applications, featuring durable construction, smooth drag systems, and precise line counters.

Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Counter Reel

Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Counter Reel

Daiwa’s Accudepth series offers line counter reels with a reputation for accuracy and reliability. 

Accudepth Plus-B, a direct-drive counter that measures in feet, this fishing reel offers precise line tracking. 

The reel boasts a one-piece composite frame contributing to its durability and lightweight design. 

With machine-cut brass gears, the reel ensures reliable and smooth operation. 

An auto-engage clutch enhances convenience during use, while the ball-bearing drive further contributes to the reel’s performance. 

Including a smooth Teflon impregnated, felt drag system adds to the overall functionality. 

Additionally, a spool click feature enhances the reel’s usability and provides an audible indication of line movement. 

These reels have a direct-drive line counter and a smooth drag system suitable for various fishing techniques.

Penn Warfare Level Wind Line Counter Reel

Penn Warfare Level Wind Line Counter Reel

The PENN Warfare reel is designed for versatility without compromising affordability and excels in various fishing scenarios. 

Its construction includes a lightweight graphite frame and side plates supplemented by aluminum frame rings that enhance rigidity, preventing frame-flex issues. 

Incorporating HT-100 drag washers ensures a seamless drag experience even when faced with substantial loads. 

The Line Capacity Rings feature also eliminates any uncertainty about the remaining line during intense fish battles. 

Penn’s Warfare series includes line counter reels that provide good value for their price.

Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Reel

Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Reel

The Okuma Magda Pro line counter reels are skillfully built with a lightweight frame and side plates that resist corrosion. 

Notably, the mechanical line counter adds a touch of precision and consistency to your presentations. 

These reels offer right- and left-hand retrieve options catering to different angler preferences.

 Featuring corrosion-resistant graphite spools, the reels ensure durability. 

With 2 stainless steel ball bearings and a 16-point anti-reverse mechanism, your hookups are improved, delivering a more reliable fishing experience.

Incorporating a line counter screw port for better air access, the reels also boast a machine-cut brass gearing built to last. 

The self-lubricating gear system contributes to smooth performance across all models. 

Sizes ranging from 20 to 45 are designed with an Ergo grip handle knob for comfort, while the 15-size feature a twin paddle handle configuration.

 The automatic trip spool engaging mechanism and stainless steel level wind line guide system enhance the usability of these fishing reels with line counters.

 For anglers who favor left-hand crank models, the DLXT designation signifies this option. 

Additionally, the MA-15DXT-T model features a unique twin paddle handle design, adding to the versatility of the Okuma Magda Pro line counter reels.

Kristal line counter

Kristal line counter

Kristal line counters are compatible with rods ranging from 12mm to 25mm in diameter, facilitating seamless attachment and accurate measurement of line movement both in and out. 

These line counters are offered options for measuring distances in both meters and yards.

When choosing a fishing line counter, consider factors such as the type of fishing you’ll be doing, the reel you’ll be using it with, the level of accuracy you require, and your budget.


Fishing line counters are valuable tools that offer anglers precision, consistency, and improved success in various fishing scenarios. 

Whether trolling, downrigging, or aiming for specific depths, line counters allow you to replicate successful setups, maintain accurate presentations, and increase your chances of catching fish. 

These counters come in mechanical and electronic variants, with features like digital displays, automatic resets, and depth alarms. 

When choosing a fishing line counter, it’s important to consider your fishing style, the type of reel you’re using, and the specific fishing conditions you’ll encounter.

Brands like Berkley, Okuma, Shimano, Rapala, and more offer reputable line counter options, each with features designed to enhance your fishing experience.

By selecting the right line counter that aligns with your fishing needs, you can enjoy a more informed and effective angling journey.

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How does line counter work?

A line counter works by measuring the amount of fishing line that has been released from a fishing reel. 

It can be a mechanical or electronic device attached to the reel. In a mechanical line counter, a rotating mechanism tracks the revolutions of the reel’s spool, which are then converted into line length measurements, usually in feet or meters. 

Electronic line counters use sensors to detect the movement of the line and display the length digitally on a screen.

 This helps anglers track the depth of their bait and replicate successful fishing setups.

How do you use a line counter on a fishing reel?

To use a line counter on a fishing reel, attach the line counter device to your rod or reel, ensuring it is securely fastened. 

As you let out your fishing line, the counter will measure the amount of line released. 

Read the displayed measurement (in feet or meters) to determine the depth of your bait or lure. 

This information helps you replicate successful fishing setups and target specific depths where fish are located.

How much fishing line should I use?

The amount of fishing line you should use depends on various factors, including the type of fishing, the species you’re targeting, and the fishing technique you’re employing. 

Generally, leave enough lines for your bait or lure to reach the desired depth while allowing movement. 

Consider the water depth, the fish’s preferred feeding level, and any structures present. 

Following guidelines from fishing experts, fellow anglers, or the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific fishing situation is recommended.

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