Top Tips for Success with Drop Shot Lure

Fishing is an age-old art that continually evolves with the introduction of new techniques and tools. 

The drop-shot lure is an innovation that has taken the fishing world by storm. 

If you’re a passionate angler looking to up your game and catch more fish, this article is your guide to mastering drop-shot fishing.

The Drop Shot Lure: A Game-Changer in Fishing

A drop shot lure is a fishing bait or soft plastic lure used in the drop shot fishing technique. 

The drop shot technique is a finesse fishing method that targets fish in clear or pressured waters, including bass, panfish, and other species.

The drop shot lure is not just another gimmick; it’s a game-changer that has revolutionized how anglers approach their favorite pastime.

 This innovative rigging technique originated in Japan and has quickly gained popularity worldwide for its effectiveness in catching various fish species, including bass, perch, and walleye.

Drop Shot Lure

What Makes the Drop Shot Lure Special?

Vertical Presentation: One of the key advantages of the drop shot lure is its ability to present your bait vertically, just above the bottom. 

This mimics the natural positioning of prey fish and makes it highly enticing to predatory species.

Versatile Bait Options: With the drop shot rig, you can use various bait, from soft plastics to live bait. 

As a result of this versatility, you can adapt to changing conditions and the preferences of the fish that you are fishing for.

Minimal Snagging: The drop shot rig is less likely to get snagged on underwater structures, making it a great choice for fishing in areas with dense vegetation or rocky bottoms.

7 Best drop shot lure

Selecting the best drop shot lure can depend on several factors, including the fish species you’re targeting, the fishing conditions, and your preferences. 

Here are some of the best drop shot lures that have a reputation for success:

  1. Roboworm Straight Tail Worm
  2. Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnow
  3. Zoom Trick Worm
  4. Keitech Swing Impact
  5. Jackall Crosstail Shad
  6. Strike King Dream Shot
  7. Z-Man Finesse TRD

1. Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

If you’re an angler searching for the perfect soft plastic worm, look no further than the Roboworm Straight Tail Worms.

 This flagship series from Roboworm is a game-changer for those who demand precision, quality, and effectiveness in their fishing lures.


Computer and Robotic Engineering: These worms result from cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Roboworm has perfected the art of creating soft plastic worms with a precision that sets them apart from the competition.

Triple Color Pours: One of the standout features of these worms is the mesmerizing triple color pours. 

The combination of colors is visually appealing and mimics the natural appearance of prey, making it irresistible to fish.

Salt Release System: Robo Worm’s exclusive “salt release system” is a game-changer. When a fish strikes these worms, a burst of salt is emitted. 

This ingenious design keeps the fish holding onto the bait longer, giving you more time to detect the bite and set the hook.

Variety of Colors: A wide range of colors is available for the Roboworm Straight Tail Worms so that you can match them to the local forage and fishing environment.


  • Unmatched Color Detail: The attention to detail in the coloration of these worms is unparalleled. It’s a feature that can make a significant difference in attracting fish.
  • Effective for Multiple Species: Bass, perch, and other fish species can be targeted with these worms.
  • Salt Release System: The proprietary salt release system is a game-changer. It increases your chances of hooking fish and helps you feel the subtlest bites.
  • Durable: Despite their softness, these worms are remarkably durable and can withstand multiple casts and strikes.
  • Great Value: Considering the quality and effectiveness of these worms, they offer excellent value for the price.


  • Size Options: While Roboworm offers a variety of colors, there might be limitations in size options for certain fishing situations.
  • Requires Finesse: Drop shot fishing, which pairs well with these worms, often requires finesse and patience. There may be better choices for anglers seeking quick, aggressive action.

2. Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnow

Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnow

If you’re a dedicated angler searching for an alternative to live bait that’s highly effective but also convenient and versatile, then the Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnows might be your new secret weapon.


Gulp! Extreme Water-Based Formula: Berkley has infused these minnows with their proprietary Gulp! Extreme water-based formula. 

This formula replicates the scent and taste of real prey and mimics the texture, making it incredibly enticing to fish.

Powerful Attractant: The baits are soaked in a potent attractant designed to entice and catch more fish.

 This added scent and taste make them irresistible to many fish species.

Rechargeable: One unique feature is the ability to recharge these baits. 

After use, you can place them back in the jar to soak and recharge, ensuring they maintain effectiveness over time.

New Colors: The Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnows offer new color options that match the hatch when other baits fail. 

This adaptability is especially useful when fish are being selective about their prey.

Convenience: These baits are more convenient than live bait. You don’t need to deal with keeping live minnows alive, and you won’t have to worry about the mess and odor associated with live bait.

Wide Range of Colors and Sizes: Berkley provides a diverse selection of colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect minnow application for your fishing needs.


  • Realistic Action: These minnows offer a lifelike swimming action in the water, which can trigger strikes from even the most cautious fish.
  • Durability: Compared to live bait, the Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnows are incredibly durable. They can withstand multiple casts and strikes, offering long-lasting use.
  • Versatility: Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater, these minnows are versatile enough to be effective in various fishing conditions.
  • Reduced Waste: Unlike live bait, these baits don’t die or require constant replacement, reducing waste and making them eco-friendly.
  • Consistency: These baits’ consistent scent and taste mean that every cast is as effective as the last, reducing the variability associated with live bait.


  • Cost: While the Berkley Gulp! Alive Minnows offer many advantages; they can be more expensive upfront than traditional live bait.
  • Learning Curve: Some anglers may need to adjust their techniques to effectively use soft bait like these, especially if they’re accustomed to using live bait.

3. Zoom Trick Worm

Zoom Trick Worm

The Zoom Trick Worm is not just a worm; it’s a versatile and highly effective tool that has become a go-to bait for many anglers. 

With a reputation as the original floating worm, this bait has evolved into much more.


Straight-Tailed Worm: The Zoom Trick Worm features a straight, slender profile. This design is effective for twitching and deadsticking weightless and proves versatile in various rigging options.

Segmented Design: The segmented body of the Trick Worm provides a natural slithering action that mimics the movement of real prey.

 This action can be incredibly enticing to bass and other gamefish.

Salt-Impregnated: Zoom’s commitment to delivering attractive bait is evident in the salt-impregnated design of the Trick Worm. 

This feature encourages fish to hold onto the bait longer, increasing your chances of a successful hookset.

Wide Range of Colors: The Trick Worm comes in an extensive array of colors, ensuring a suitable option for every fishing situation and matching the local forage.

Versatile Rigging: While the Trick Worm excels when fished weightless around shallow cover, it’s also deadly when rigged on a Carolina rig or shakey head. 

Its versatility makes it a must-have bait in your tackle box.


  • Effective Stealth Approach: The Trick Worm is renowned for its stealthy approach, making it an ideal choice when fish are skittish or have seen every other lure in the book.
  • Versatile Rigging Options: Whether you prefer a weightless presentation, Carolina rig, or shakey head, the Trick Worm adapts beautifully. Its straight profile and slithering action work well in various scenarios.
  • Natural Action: The segmented design of the Trick Worm creates a lifelike, natural action that can trigger strikes from even the most finicky fish.
  • Salt-Impregnated: The salt-impregnated feature attracts fish and ensures they hang on to the bait longer, increasing your hookup ratio.
  • Wide Color Selection: With an extensive range of colors, you can easily match the hatch and adapt to local fishing conditions.


  • Learning Curve: There may be a slight learning curve in mastering the various rigging options and presentations for anglers new to soft plastic worms or finesse techniques.
  • Limited to Freshwater: While the Trick Worm is a highly effective bait in freshwater situations, it may not be suitable for saltwater fishing.

4. Keitech Swing Impact

Keitech Swing Impact

The Keitech Swing Impact is not just another swimbait; it’s a proven tournament winner that has earned its reputation for versatility and effectiveness. 

Anglers seeking a swimbait that can adapt to various fishing conditions will find the Swing Impact a compelling choice.

 The Keitech Swing Impact has a unique swimbait design that produces a realistic swimming action.

 It’s a great choice for enticing larger bass. Whether targeting bass, crappie, or other species, the Swing Impact’s adaptability and lifelike action make it a compelling option for various fishing situations.


Proven Tournament Winner: The Keitech Swing Impact boasts a track record of success in competitive fishing tournaments. 

Its consistently catching fish has made it a favorite among serious anglers.

Six Sizes: The Swing Impact can match any fishing condition with six sizes available. 

Whether you’re targeting bass, crappie, panfish, or other species, there’s a size that fits the bill.

Two-Tone Color Injection: Keitech’s original two-tone color injection process combines different salted plastics to achieve better balance and action. 

This attention to detail enhances the bait’s effectiveness.

Superior Swimming Action: The Swing Impact is celebrated for exceptional swimming action. 

It incorporates a fish-attracting wobble and a tight swimming action that drives predators wild, making it irresistible to fish.

Versatile Rigging Options: This swimbait can be rigged and fished in multiple ways.

 The Jig Head Rig is the most popular but can be fished on the straight retrieve or dragged slowly along the bottom. Its adaptability allows you to target various depths and conditions effectively.

Size Variety: The range of sizes, from 2 inches to 4.5 inches, makes it suitable for different fish species and fishing scenarios. 

It’s a versatile choice for both finesse fishing and aggressive presentations.


  • Proven Tournament Success: The fact that the Swing Impact has been a tournament winner speaks to its effectiveness in real-world fishing situations.
  • Versatility: This swimbait’s ability to adapt to different rigging options and conditions makes it a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.
  • Exceptional Swimming Action: The lifelike action is a standout feature that can trigger strikes from even the most cautious fish.
  • Size Range: With various sizes available, you can precisely match the forage and target species, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.
  • Two-Tone Color Injection: The attention to color detail enhances the bait’s realism and appeal to fish.


  • Learning Curve: For anglers new to swimbaits or finesse techniques, there may be a slight learning curve in mastering the various rigging options and presentations.
  • Price: Compared to other swimbaits, the Keitech Swing Impact may be higher in cost.

5. Jackall Crosstail Shad

Jackall Crosstail Shad

The Jackall Crosstail Shad isn’t just a soft plastic bait; it’s a pioneering lure that has been a staple for Japanese anglers since 1999 and is now available in the United States. 

It was the very first soft plastic bait designed specifically for drop shotting, and it has earned its place in the tackle boxes of serious bass fishermen.


Drop Shot Specialization: The Crosstail Shad was the first soft plastic bait tailored for drop-shot fishing, making it a pioneer in this finesse technique.

 It’s designed to excel when nose-hooked on a drop shot rig.

Lifelike Baitfish Imitation: This 4-inch soft plastic bait accurately imitates the profile and action of baitfish when rigged and fished correctly. 

Its rounded, large head seamlessly blends into the slender top side of the body, creating a realistic, enticing action that appeals to fish.

Versatile Applications: While initially designed for drop shotting, the Crosstail Shad proves its versatility by performing well in various fishing scenarios.

 It can be used with Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, drop shotting, and as a trailer on spinnerbaits and jigs.

Variety of Fish-Catching Colors: Jackall offers a range of colors for the Crosstail Shad, allowing you to match the local forage and fishing conditions.

These baits are salt-impregnated, giving anglers confidence when fishing gets tough.


  • Pioneering Design: As the first soft plastic bait developed for drop shotting, the Crosstail Shad brings expertise and innovation to finesse fishing that few other baits can match.
  • Realistic Baitfish Action: This soft plastic bait’s lifelike design and action make it highly effective in enticing even the most cautious fish.
  • Versatility: While it shines in drop-shot applications, it can also be adapted to various rigging styles, expanding its utility in different fishing scenarios.
  • Fish-Catching Confidence: The variety of colors and salt impregnation give anglers the confidence they need when faced with challenging fishing conditions.


  • Learning Curve: Newcomers to finesse fishing and drop shot techniques may need some practice to master the correct presentation and retrieve for optimal results.
  • Size Limitation: The Crosstail Shad is available in a 4-inch size, which may only be ideal for some fishing situations or when targeting larger bass.

6. Strike King Dream Shot

Strike King Dream Shot

The Strike King KVD Dream Shot is not your ordinary soft bait; it’s a meticulously designed lure by the legendary angler Kevin VanDam, tailored for drop shotting.

With its unique features and lifelike action, it has quickly become a favorite among anglers seeking to finesse their way to success.


Hinged Tail Action: The standout feature of the KVD Dream Shot is its hinged tail section.

 This design allows the bait to quiver and shake with even the slightest movement of your rod tip, creating a lifelike and enticing action that attracts fish.

Exclusive Coffee Scent: Strike King has infused the Dream Shot with an exclusive coffee scent. 

This scent attracts fish and masks unnatural odors, increasing its effectiveness.

Salt-Impregnated: The Dream Shot is salt-impregnated to entice fish and encourage them to hold onto the bait longer. 

This increases your chances of a successful hookset.

Quivers and Shakes: When dropped in the water, the Dream Shot exhibits a natural quivering and shaking motion that mimics the movement of real prey. 

This action is particularly effective for enticing finicky or cautious fish.

Open Pour Technology: Strike King employs open pour technology to create these baits, ensuring consistency in quality and action across every bait in the lineup.


  • Kevin VanDam Design: The Dream Shot was designed by Kevin VanDam, a legendary angler with a track record of tournament wins. 
  • Lifelike Action: This soft bait’s hinged tail action and quivering motion make it incredibly lifelike and appealing to a wide range of fish species.
  • Exclusive Scent: Its unique scent makes the bait more enticing to fish by adding an extra layer of attraction.
  • Salt Impregnation: The salt-impregnated design ensures that fish hold the bait longer, increasing your hookup ratio.
  • Versatile Rigging: While it’s an excellent choice for dropshotting, the Dream Shot can also be effective in other finesse techniques and scenarios.


  • Price: Compared to some other soft baits, the Strike King KVD Dream Shot may be higher in cost.
  • Learning Curve: Beginners to dropshotting and finesse techniques may need some practice to master the correct presentation and retrieve for optimal results.

7. Z-Man Finesse TRD

Z-Man Finesse TRD

The Z-Man Finesse TRD is not just another soft plastic bait; it’s a specialized lure designed explicitly for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, commonly known as the Ned Rig.

 This presentation has gained popularity nationwide due to its subtlety, ease of use, and remarkable effectiveness. 

The Finesse TRD takes this finesse technique to the next level.”As a beginner, I hesitated to try drop-shot fishing, but I’m so glad I did. 

The Z-Man Finesse TRD made it easy for me. Its soft texture and lifelike action did most of the work.

 I was amazed at how effective it was. It helped me catch my first-ever bass.


Ned Rig Specialization: The Finesse TRD is tailor-made for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, particularly the Ned Rig. It embodies the ideal finesse profile in a ready-to-fish package.

ElaZtech Material: Z-Man uses its exclusive floating ElaZtech material to construct the Finesse TRD. 

Finesse anglers demand a bait with a precise sink rate and lifelike action that features a softer material and customized salt content.

Versatile Application: While initially designed as a bass bait, the Finesse TRD has proven effective on many species beyond bass.


  • Ned Rig Optimization: The Finesse TRD is perfectly suited for the Ned Rig, a presentation that has gained popularity for its subtlety and effectiveness. It allows you to target finicky fish with finesse.
  • ElaZtech Advantage: Z-Man’s ElaZtech material is incredibly durable, making the Finesse TRD last longer than traditional soft plastics.
  • Increased Hookup Ratios: The lifelike action and irresistible feel of the Finesse TRD result in longer hold by fish and increased hookup ratios, which is particularly crucial when targeting cautious or sluggish fish.
  • Versatility: While it’s designed for the Ned Rig, the Finesse TRD can be adapted to other finesse techniques and fishing scenarios, making it a versatile addition to your tackle box.
  • Effective on Multiple Species: Beyond bass, the Finesse TRD has proven effective on various species, expanding its utility for anglers targeting different fish.


  • Specialized Use: The Finesse TRD is primarily designed for finesse techniques like the Ned Rig. If you prefer other fishing styles, this bait may be less versatile.
  • Learning Curve: For anglers new to finesse fishing or the Ned Rig, there may be a learning curve in presentation and technique.

Remember that the best drop shot lure can vary depending on your fishing situation. 

Experiment with different colors, sizes, and bait styles to determine what works best in your local waters. 

Additionally, always pay attention to the preferences of the fish you’re targeting and adjust your lure choice accordingly.

Drop Shot Lure Fishing

Drop shot lure fishing is a highly effective finesse fishing technique that originated in Japan and has gained widespread popularity among anglers worldwide.

 This method involves suspending a soft plastic bait above a weight on a thin leader line, creating a lifelike presentation that entices fish to strike. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to How to fish a drop shot lure:

1. Gear and Tackle

Rod and Reel: A light to medium-light spinning rod and reel setup is ideal for drop shot fishing. These rods typically have a sensitive tip to detect subtle bites.

Line: Use a low-diameter, high-visibility fishing line, typically in the 6 to 10-pound test range. 

Fluorocarbon lines are a popular choice due to their low visibility underwater.

Hooks: Specialized drop shot hooks with an upward-facing eyelet are designed for this technique. 

Weights: Drop shot weights (also called sinkers or droppers) are usually small and cylindrical. 

They are attached below the hook and can vary in weight depending on water depth and conditions.

2. Rigging the Drop Shot

You’ll need a drop shot rod and reel combo, typically a spinning setup with a sensitive tip, to start. 

Pair this with a low-diameter, high-visibility fishing line for optimal performance. Here is how to Rig a Drop Shot Lure:

Tie the Knot: Begin by tying a Palomar knot at the end of your line, leaving a tag end of about 12-18 inches. This is where you’ll attach your drop shot weight.

Add the Weight: Thread the tag end through the eye of a drop shot weight and secure it with an overhand knot.

 The weight should hang below the knot, allowing it to tap the bottom while keeping your bait above.

Attach the Hook: Above the weight, tie another Palomar knot, this time attaching a drop shot hook. Leave a tag end of around 10-12 inches for your bait.

Select and Thread Your Bait

Soft Plastics: The most popular baits are soft plastic baits like worms, minnows, imitations of shad, and creature baits. Their subtle, natural movements are excellent for drop-shot fishing.

Rigging: Thread the soft plastic bait onto the drop shot hook, ensuring it’s rigged to allow it to move freely. 

A nose hook or a wacky rig (hooked through the middle) works well for most baits.

Cast and Retrieve

  • Cast your drop shot rig into the desired area.
  • Let it sink to the bottom.
  • Gently lift and drop your rod tip to impart action to the bait.

Experiment with different retrieve speeds and motions to find what works best.

3. Tips for Success

Stay Stealthy: Keep your movements quiet and minimize splashing when casting to avoid spooking fish.

Use Finesse Techniques: Drop-shot fishing is often associated with finesse techniques. Be patient and finesse the bait to mimic natural prey.

Pay Attention to Depth: Adjust the length of the tag end between the weight and hook to vary the depth at which your bait is presented.

Stay Alert: Be prepared for subtle bites, as fish often strike lightly when targeting a drop shot rig.

Drop shot lure fishing is a finesse technique that can be highly effective in a variety of fishing situations. 

It’s known for its versatility and ability to entice fish when other methods may be less successful.

 With the right gear, bait selection, and presentation, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy a rewarding day on the water.


In the world of fishing, adaptation is key to success. The drop shot lure has emerged as a versatile and effective tool that should be in every angler’s arsenal.

Its ability to present baits vertically, adapt to various conditions, and reduce snags makes it a must-try technique for novice and experienced anglers. 

So, grab your gear, rig up a drop shot lure, and prepare for a new level of fishing excitement. Happy fishing!

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