Curado 200HG: The Ultimate Fishing Reel Guide

“Curado” might refer to “Cured” in Spanish or “Curado” fishing reels made by Shimano, which often have model numbers like “Curado 200HG.”

The Shimano Curado 200HG is a popular fishing reel model manufactured by Shimano, a well-known brand in the fishing industry. 

The “200” in the name typically refers to the series or model, and “HG” indicates the gear ratio, where “HG” stands for “high gear.”

Here are some key features and specifications commonly associated with the Shimano Curado 200HG reel:

Gear Ratio: The “HG” in the name signifies a high gear ratio, which means the spool retrieves the line quickly.

 The exact gear ratio may vary depending on the specific version of the reel, but it is typically in the range of 7.0:1 to 8.5:1.

Bearings: The Curado 200HG usually has multiple ball bearings to ensure smooth operation. 

The number of bearings can vary between models, but having at least 6 or more ball bearings is common.

Drag System: The reel features a reliable and adjustable drag system to control the amount of resistance when a fish pulls on the line.

Frame and Construction: The reel is constructed using durable materials to withstand the rigors of fishing and provide long-lasting performance.

Handle: It typically has a comfortable, ergonomic handle design for easy use and extended fishing sessions.

Line Capacity: The reel can accommodate a certain length and thickness of the fishing line, which varies depending on the specific model.

Weight: Depending on the materials used and the version, the Curado 200HG can vary in weight, but it’s designed to be relatively lightweight for enhanced maneuverability.

Applications: The Curado 200HG is a versatile reel suitable for various fishing techniques, such as bass fishing, inshore fishing, and freshwater fishing.

Please note that the specifications and features can vary between different generations or versions of the Shimano Curado 200HG.

 If you’re considering purchasing this reel, it’s always a good idea to check the latest product information from Shimano or your local fishing gear retailer for the most up-to-date details.

curado 200hg

Shimano curado 200hg Specification

ModelShimano Curado 200HG
Reel TypeBaitcasting reel
Gear Ratio7.2:1
Retrieve SpeedHigh-speed
Ball Bearings6+1
Maximum DragVaries by model and generation
Line Capacity (Mono)Varies by model and generation
Line Capacity (Braid)Varies by model and generation
WeightVaries by model and generation
Frame MaterialAluminum alloy
Handle MaterialAluminum alloy
Drag MaterialVaries by model and generation
Brake SystemVaries by model and generation
Reel Handle PositionRight-handed (HG usually indicates right)

Additional Features: S3D Spool Design, Super Free Spool, X-Ship, HEG Gearing, SVS Infinity Brake System

The Shimano Curado 200HG is versatile and suitable for various freshwater fishing applications, especially bass and inshore fishing. 

The high gear ratio, quality bearings, and advanced features make it popular among anglers seeking a reliable and high-performing baitcasting reel.

Curado k

The Curado K is known for its durability, smooth performance, and versatility, making it a favorite choice among anglers for freshwater and inshore fishing applications.

Key features and specifications of the Shimano Curado 200hg k


Gear Ratio: The Curado 200hg K reels typically have a gear ratio ranging from 6.2:1 to 8.5:1, depending on the specific model.

Bearings: The reel is equipped with high-quality bearings to ensure smooth operation.

 The number of bearings can vary but often includes at least 5+1 (5 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing).

Drag System: The Curado K features a reliable and powerful drag system, usually built with Shimano’s carbon drag material.

Frame Material: The frame is constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum to withstand the rigors of fishing.

Handle Material: The handle is also made of aluminium for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.

Line Capacity: The reel can accommodate various line capacities depending on the specific model.

Weight: Curado K reels range in weight from 7.6 ounces (215 grams) to over 8 ounces (227 grams), depending on the model.

Brake System: It often includes Shimano’s SVS Infinity brake system, allowing precise and easy adjustments to control casting distance and reduce backlash.

Additional Features: Some Curado K models have advanced features such as X-Ship technology, S3D spool design, and HAGANE body construction, enhancing overall performance and durability.

The Shimano Curado K is a well-regarded reel for amateur and experienced anglers, particularly those who enjoy bass fishing, freshwater fishing, and inshore saltwater fishing. 

However, please note that specifications and available features may vary depending on the specific model within the Curado K series.


The Curado 200HG is primarily designed for freshwater fishing, including bass fishing, but it can also handle inshore saltwater fishing with proper care.

 Its features, such as the high gear ratio, advanced braking system, quality bearings, and durable construction, make it suitable for various fishing techniques and applications. 

Anglers appreciate the smooth and powerful drag system, which allows them to control the resistance when reeling in fish, providing a reliable and enjoyable fishing experience. 

The reel’s lightweight yet robust aluminum frame and handle contribute to its comfort and ease of use during extended fishing sessions. 

While the specifications and features mentioned earlier are typical for the Curado 200HG, it’s important to remember that reel models may undergo updates or changes over time. For the most current information and specifics about the Curado 200HG, I recommend checking the official Shimano website or contacting authorized Shimano dealers. 

In conclusion, the Shimano Curado 200HG is a dependable and versatile baitcasting reel designed to meet the needs of anglers seeking a high-performing reel for freshwater fishing, particularly bass fishing.

 Its combination of advanced features, durability, and smooth operation has made it a popular choice among anglers of various skill levels.

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