Clear Vision with Costa Fishing Sunglasses

” Costa Del Mar, commonly known as Costa, ” Costa sunglasses are well known for producing high-quality sunglasses for outdoor activities, especially fishing.

These sunglasses are designed to provide optimal clarity, protection, and comfort for anglers who spend long hours out on the water.

Costas sunglasses are renowned for their polarized lenses, which help reduce glare from the water’s surface and provide better visibility into the water. 

This feature especially benefits anglers who need to spot fish and underwater structures.

 The polarization also helps reduce eye strain and fatigue, making them ideal for extended fishing trips.

Costa offers a range of lens options designed to enhance different aspects of fishing. 

For example, they have lenses optimized for sight, offshore, and freshwater fishing, each catering to specific lighting and environmental conditions.

Costa sunglasses are often considered premium products and come at a higher price than regular sunglasses. 

However, many anglers find their benefits, including improved vision and eye protection, worth the investment.

Costa Fishing Sunglasses

5 Best polarized fishing sunglasses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are best for seeing fish. Polarized lenses reduce glare from the water’s surface, allowing you to see beneath the water and spot fish more easily. 

Costa sunglasses, known for their polarized lenses and color enhancement technology, are popular among anglers for this purpose.

Costa Del Mar offers a variety of fishing sunglasses with different lens options to cater to various fishing conditions. 

Remember that “best” can vary depending on individual preferences and the specific fishing environments you encounter. 

Here are a few popular Costa fishing sunglasses models that were well-regarded up to that point:

Costa Fantail

Costa Fantail

The Fantail model is a versatile and popular choice among anglers. It’s designed for medium to large faces and offers a variety of lens options to suit different fishing scenarios. 

This model provides good coverage and comfort for extended wear. 

This ethos is deeply embraced in the creation of the Costa Fantail PRO. Serving as the sleek sibling to the Blackfin PRO, it embodies all the advanced features within the Costa PRO Series.

 Notably, it incorporates a vented and fully adaptable nose pad for personalized comfort, sweat channels, eye wire drains meticulously designed to preserve visual clarity, side shields, protective hooding, enhanced and more adhesive Hydrolite®, and metal keeper slots.

 These elements harmonize to secure the frames on your face, thwarting both perspiration and sun-glare interference. 

Measuring a Frame Width: of 133 mm, Bridge Width: of 15 mm, Lens Width: of 60 mm, Lens Height: of 41.8 mm, and Temple Arm Length: of 120 mm, the Costa Fantail PRO showcases a generously sized lens front tailored for individuals with average-sized heads. 

Critical to those immersed in aquatic and outdoor pursuits, the mitigation of reflective glare is paramount. Our collection solely comprises polarized sunglasses.

Costa sunglasses conscientiously absorb 100% of UV light, epitomizing optimal light management and protective functionality.

 The design incorporates fully adjustable and anti-slip nose pads, a thoughtful addition to cater to personalized fitting and to counteract fogging. 

Augmenting the sunglasses’ durability, the C-Wall coating imparts heightened scratch resistance and forms a formidable shield against water, oil, and sweat, facilitating effortless cleaning.

Costa Tuna Alley

Costa Tuna Alley

As unmistakable as the stretches of sandy shelves threading through the Bahamas islands, where Giant Bluefin traverse each spring, Costa’s Tuna Alley frame has undergone a style transformation along with notable PRO Series enhancements. 

This enduring frame’s updated ventilation system is fortified by six angler-centric attributes, empowering you to navigate waters with professional finesse: sweat management channels and precision-engineered eye wire drains, an enhanced iteration of Hydrolite® rubber, customizable nose pads, protective top hooding and side shields, and the inclusion of metal keeper slots.

With these features at your disposal, it’s time to reel in the catch of a lifetime. 

The specifications include Frame Width: 136 mm, Bridge Width: 16 mm, Lens Width: of 60.3 mm, Lens Height: 42.3 mm, and Temple Arm Length: 123 mm.

Ideal for brilliantly sunlit conditions on expansive waters and offshore ventures, these glasses feature glass lenses renowned for unparalleled clarity.

Incorporating encapsulated mirrors within layers of glass ensures scratch resistance, rendering them resilient against wear. 

Notably, these lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average polarized glass, ensuring visual acuity and comfort during your angling pursuits.

The Tuna Alley sunglasses are often favored for offshore fishing. 

They provide a wrap-around design for maximum protection against the sun and elements. The lenses are optimized for bright sunlight and open water conditions.

Costa Reefton

Costa Reefton

Situated within a mere hour’s drive from a dozen diverse river systems, the allure of New Zealand’s Reefton as a global freshwater fishing haven is undeniable.

Catering to larger heads and every conceivable condition, these generously sized frames emerge as the perfect companions for aquatic exploration.

Equipped with co-molded temples, Hydrolite™ nose and temple pads, and cam action spring hinges, they promise steadfast adherence to your face, ensuring stability and comfort throughout your angling endeavors. 

Outlined by dimensions that encapsulate a Frame Width: of 137.8 mm, Bridge Width: 15 mm, Lens Width: 63.5 mm, Lens Height: 43.1 mm, and Temple Arm Length: 115 mm, these frames boast a generously expansive lens front, tailored to those with a preference for extensive facial coverage. 

In the heart of Reefton’s fishing wonderland, these frames become your steadfast ally, primed to navigate every water body and embrace the challenges of the outdoors.

Costa Blackfin

Costa Blackfin

 Evolved from one of Costa’s most esteemed and cherished frames, the Blackfin PRO represents an elevated iteration of the original design, complete with its signature polarized lenses and optimal fit. 

This enhanced version incorporates six novel features, all validated by anglers, to ensure your enduring presence on the water.

Beyond its vented and fully adjustable nose pad for a personalized fit, it introduces innovative sweat channels and precision-engineered eye wire drains that safeguard visual clarity.

Moreover, the addition of side shields, protective hooding, an upgraded and more adhesive Hydrolite®, and the introduction of metal keeper slots combine harmoniously to secure your frames and focus. 

Highlighted specifications encompass Frame Width: 133 mm, Bridge Width: 16 mm, Lens Width: 60 mm, Lens Height: 41.8 mm, and Temple Arm Length: 121 mm. 

The Blackfin PRO harmonizes the essence of proven excellence with innovative enhancements, a steadfast companion for extended hours spent pursuing angling excellence.

The Blackfin model is another versatile option suitable for various fishing styles. 

Costa 580G and 580P Lenses

Costa 580G and 580P Lenses

 Costa offers different types of lenses denoted by the “580” number. The “G” stands for glass lenses, and the “P” stands for polycarbonate lenses.

 These lenses enhance color, clarity, and contrast, making them well-suited for fishing.

 Designed under the expertise of in-house light spectrum specialists, Costa’s 580 lenses were conceived to transcend the limitations of standard sunglass lenses regarding color enhancement. 

This multi-patented lens technology exerts precise control over light, a feat achieved through a dual-pronged approach: 

It selectively blocks 580 nm of yellow light, thus amplifying the natural presence of red, green, and blue light. This augmentation not only heightens colors but also augments the interplay of contrasts. 

Secondly, the technology mitigates haze and blurriness, ushering in heightened clarity. 

Beyond UV protection, the 580 technology safeguards against HEV (High Energy Visible) light.

Acknowledged for its links to various eye conditions, including macular degeneration, pterygium, and cataracts, the lenses absorb HEV light, thus curbing its potential harm.

 In summary, Costa’s 580 lenses testify to meticulously engineered optical innovation, ushering in a new realm of visual acuity, comfort, and eye health awareness.

Costa prescription sunglasses

Costa Del Mar offers prescription sunglasses, combining their renowned lens technology with the convenience of customized vision correction. 

These prescription sunglasses allow individuals with varying visual needs to enjoy the benefits of Costa’s high-quality lenses while addressing their specific prescription requirements. 

Whether you’re an angler, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates clear vision and eye protection, Costa’s prescription sunglasses can provide a tailored solution for your eyewear needs. 

To obtain Costa prescription sunglasses, you would typically need to visit an authorized Costa dealer or optometrist who can help you select the right frame and lens options based on your prescription and preferences.

Can you customize Costa sunglasses?

Yes, Costa Del Mar offers some level of customization for their sunglasses. 

While they may not offer fully personalized or custom-made sunglasses, they provide various options for selecting frames, lenses, and additional features to suit your preferences and needs.

Here are some ways you can customize Costa sunglasses:

Frame Styles: Costa offers a range of frame styles with different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Frame Colors: You can choose from various Costa frames in various colors and patterns.

Lens Options: Costa offers a variety of lens colors and technologies, each optimized for specific fishing conditions. 

You can choose lenses that enhance contrast, reduce glare, and provide the best visibility in your fishing environment.

Lens Materials: Costa provides glass (580G) and polycarbonate (580P) lens options. 

Glass lenses offer superior clarity, while polycarbonate lenses are lighter and more impact-resistant.

Lens Mirrors: Depending on the lens color, you can often choose between different mirror coatings, such as blue mirror, green mirror, silver mirror, etc. These mirrors can enhance glare reduction and add a unique aesthetic.

Prescription Lenses: If you require prescription lenses, Costa offers the option to have their high-quality lenses designed for your specific prescription needs.

Accessories: You can customize your sunglasses with retainer cords, cases, and lens cleaning kits.

While Costa offers these customization options, remember that the customization level might vary based on the specific model and availability. 


Costa fishing sunglasses are a top choice for anglers seeking optimal visual performance on the water. 

With their polarized lenses designed to reduce glare and enhance underwater visibility, Costa sunglasses help fishermen spot fish and underwater structures more effectively. 

The brand’s commitment to color enhancement, contrast, and optical clarity makes them well-suited for various fishing conditions. 

Whether you’re pursuing freshwater or saltwater fishing, Costa offers a range of lens options tailored to different environments. 

Comfortable designs, durable materials, and customizable features further solidify Costa’s reputation as a go-to brand for serious anglers looking to elevate their fishing experience.

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What is the best Costa lens for fishing?

The best Costa lens for fishing depends on the fishing conditions.

 The Costa 580 lenses (glass and polycarbonate) are popular as they enhance color and contrast and block harsh yellow light. 

The specific lens color within the 580 series will vary based on lighting and water conditions.

 Blue mirror lenses reduce glare for offshore fishing, while sunrise and sunset lenses are great for low light. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your fishing environment and preferences.

Are Costas good for fishing?

Yes, Costa sunglasses are widely regarded as excellent for fishing. 

Costa’s polarized lenses are particularly effective in reducing glare from the water’s surface, allowing fishermen to see beneath the water and spot fish more easily. 

The brand’s emphasis on color enhancement, contrast, and optical clarity makes them a popular choice among anglers. 

Additionally, Costa sunglasses are built with durable materials and comfortable designs to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. 

However, the best Costa sunglasses for fishing will depend on factors like your fishing type and the specific conditions you encounter.

What color-polarized lens is best for fishing in Costa?

For fishing, the best color-polarized lens from Costa is typically a Copper or Amber lens. 

These lens colors enhance contrast and provide excellent color definition, making spotting fish in various lighting conditions easier.

 However, the exact choice may vary based on the fishing environment and personal preferences.

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